Which MBTI Personality Should You Date?



  1. Panda Bear

Panda bears eat only bamboo. But because of that, they have exceptionally solid jaws that permit them to bite through bamboo’s exterior. Despite the fact that they would prefer not to eat people, they have been known to assault them. Also, when they do, the outcomes are terrible, and at times even fatal.

  1. Moose

In spite of the fact that moose appear to be peaceful, they are in reality extremely hazardous. Because of their size, speed, and forceful nature, attempting to get excessively near a moose can be dangerous. Your smartest option is to stay away and appreciate these incredible animals from a place far from them. Get excessively close, and it might be the last creature you ever observe.

  1. Elephant

These monstrous animals aren’t as sweet as they appear. Film’s like Dumbo cause them to appear to be loveable, yet they can be vicious. Also, on the grounds that they are so large, they should simply step on whatever it is that is irritating them. Should you at any point go over an elephant, try to avoid its direction especially the wild ones.

“To say that one waits a lifetime for his soulmate to come around is a paradox. People eventually get sick of waiting, take a chance on someone, and by the art of commitment become soulmates, which takes a lifetime to perfect.”
― Criss Jami, Venus in Arms

“Well?” Ron said finally, looking up at Harry. “How was it?”
Harry considered it for a moment. “Wet,” he said truthfully.
Ron made a noise that might have indicated jubilation or disgust, it was hard to tell.
“Because she was crying,” Harry continued heavily.
“Oh,” said Ron, his smile faded slightly. “Are you that bad at kissing?”
“Dunno,” said Harry, who hadn’t considered this, and immediately felt rather worried. “Maybe I am.”
― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

“Pretty soon the only people left without a girlfriend will be me and Wendell the school janitor, and he smells like windex.”
“At least you know he’s still available.”
― Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

“Here’s something else to think about: calling when you say you’re going to is the very first brick in the house you are building of love and trust. If he can’t lay this one stupid brick down, you ain’t never gonna have a house baby, and it’s cold outside.”
― Greg Behrendt, He’s Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys

“Let’s start with this statistic: You are delicious. Be brave, my sweet. I know you can get lonely. I know you can crave companionship and sex and love so badly that it physically hurts. But I truly believe that the only way you can find out that there’s something better out there is to first believe there’s something better out there. What other choice is there?”
― Greg Behrendt, He’s Just Not That Into You

“Start the Quiz”

  • Question of

    Do you know your Myers-Briggs personality?

    • No, I don’t.
    • I’m not sure where to begin.
    • I think I have a good idea.
    • Yes, I do.
  • Question of

    Are you always in a relationship?

    • Most times, no.
    • Yes, I am.
    • I hardly have time for relationships.
    • I do get into them quickly.
  • Question of

    About how many exes would you say you have?

    • 0-3
    • 4-6
    • 7-9
    • 10 or more
  • Question of

    If you walked into a bar, which of these people would catch your eye?

    • The one comforting a friend.
    • The one making everyone laugh.
    • The one lost in thought, sitting in a corner.
    • The one who looks to be having an intense conversation.
  • Question of

    Which of these turns you on the most?

    • Passion
    • A hot body
    • A down-to-earth attitude
    • A quick mind
  • Question of

    The best first dates …

    • Make me feel an emotional connection.
    • Are fun and exciting.
    • Have lots of chemistry.
    • Are filled with intelligent conversations.
  • Question of

    The second date is movie night. What genre are you watching?

    • Comedy
    • Action
    • Adventure
    • Romance
  • Question of

    What kind of food are you ordering?

    • Italian
    • Chinese
    • Indian
    • Mexican
  • Question of

    If your partner knows you inside out, what drink would they make you first thing in the morning?

    • Tea
    • Coffee
    • Fresh juice
    • A smoothie
  • Question of

    How long are you with someone before saying ‘I love you’?

    • A few months
    • Close to a year
    • Years
    • Just over a year
  • Question of

    Where would you boo bring you to get away from it all?

    • Peru
    • Cambodia
    • Australia
    • England
  • Question of

    Ideally, your partner’s job would involve …

    • them helping others.
    • them being in business.
    • them being in the creative industries.
    • them being involved in sports.
  • Question of

    You tend to fall in love using your ….

    • heart.
    • body.
    • mind.
    • a combination of things.
  • Question of

    Would you say that you fall in love quickly or easily?

    • Yes, I do.
    • Most times
    • Not at all
    • Not really
  • Question of

    What would you want your partner to do for you after a long day at work?

    • Encourage me to not give up
    • Cook me a hot mean
    • Come up with a fun way to relax
    • Listen to me venting

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