Which of Rick Riordan’s Seven Demigods Are You?

The Great Prophecy had been fulfilled following the events of the Second Titan War and Kronos’ defeat at the hands of Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, and the Olympians. Using Blackjack, Rachel Elizabeth Dare was able to fly to Camp Half-Blood, where she was able to channel the spirit of the Oracle of Delphi. Rachel collapsed shortly after the spirit had taken up residence in her body, and she soon began to proclaim a new prophecy, which would come to be known as the Prophecy of Seven, which would later be fulfilled. At the same time as some of the campers were trying to decipher what the prophesy meant, Apollo informed them that it was possible that it would not come true in their lifetimes because the first great prophecy took nearly seventy years to complete.

The Olympus Heroes are legendary figures in Greek mythology.

The Romans had also been aware of the Prophecy of Seven for quite some time before the time of Christ. In the Sibylline Books, which were a collection of predictions that recorded every major occurrence in Roman history, the prophesy was written down. The books, on the other hand, were destroyed in a fire, and only a few prophesies, including the Prophecy of Seven, were preserved from the flames. It was passed down down the generations as the Twelfth Legion followed Western Civilization and recruited demigods from the Roman Empire to serve as recruits in the Legion’s training program. The Prophecy of Seven was then etched on the floor of the Temple of Jupiter, along with many other predictions, to serve as a reminder of what was to come.

An ancient demigod by the name of Michael Varus believed he could fulfill the Prophecy of Seven in the 1980s, despite the current augur’s recommendation that he not do so. Nevertheless, he pursued glory by leading the Fifth Cohort north to Alaska in the hopes of discovering the actual meaning of the prophesy. Alcyoneus wiped out the whole cohort, and the Twelfth Legion’s Eagle was lost, heaping shame on the Fifth Cohort and the entire Twelfth Legion. From that point on, the prophecy sat unheeded on the Temple of Jupiter’s floor for nearly two decades.

Hera/Juno, on the other hand, foresaw that Gaea would soon awaken and wage war against the gods, and so she began to visit the seven people named in the prophesy, preparing them for the day when they would have to confront her. As Leo Valdez’s baby sitter, she looked after him for a number of years. Also, by informing Frank Zhang’s mother and grandmother about how his life was dependant on a wood that had been charred in the fire, she helped to preserve his life. Jason Grace was taken away from his family when he was two years old to be taught by Lupa in the hopes of one day making it to Camp Jupiter with her.

Before Hera was eventually arrested by Khione and Gaea, she sent Jason Grace to the Wilderness School, where he was unable to recall anything that happened to him. Jason met up with Piper McLean and Leo Valdez, and the three of them were transported to Camp Half-Blood. She had also grabbed Percy Jackson at the same moment and placed him in a deep sleep until the time came for him to arrive to Camp Jupiter. Hera thought that, with Jason gaining the trust of the Greek demigods and Percy eventually becoming one of the leaders of Camp Jupiter, the two groups would be able to work together to prevent Gaea’s ascension and the emergence of her children, the Gigantes, from occurring.

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  • Question of

    Which power would you prefer?

    • FIRE, BABY! WOO!
    • Precious Metals, so basically jewelry
    • Turning into animals sounds cool
    • Just my mind is all I need
    • Being able to convince people to do stuff is pretty awesome
    • Weather actually isn’t that bad
  • Question of

    Would you prefer to be Roman or Greek?

    • Roman
    • Greek
    • They’re both amazing!
  • Question of

    What do you think your fatal flaw would be?

    • Inferiority (Loneliness)
    • My Past…
    • Insecurity
    • Loyalty…
    • Hubris (Deadly Pride)
    • Hesitation
  • Question of

    Who would you want your godly parent to be?

    • Hephaestus/Vulcan
    • Hades/Pluto
    • Aries/Mars
    • Poseidon/Neptune
    • Athena (she has no children in Roman form)
    • Aphrodite/Venus
    • Zeus/Jupiter
  • Question of

    Have you ever heard of Percy Jackson?

    • Sure, I’ve read a few books
    • b—- please
    • Nope
  • Question of

    Who’s your favorite character

    • TEAM LEO
    • I like Hazel
    • Frank is cool
    • PeRcY aLL dA wAy
    • Sweet Piper
  • Question of

    Which quote is your favorite?

    • ‘I try very hard to be annoying. Don’t insult my ability to annoy.’ -Leo Valdez
    • ‘I didn’t come back from the Underworld and travel thousands of miles just to be told I’m stupid for saving you.’ -Hazel Levesque
    • ‘I wish I got ADHD or Dyslexia. All I got was lactose intolerance.’ -Frank Zhang
    • ‘Am I a troubled kid? Yeah. You could say that.’ -Percy Jackson
    • ‘You drool when you sleep.’ -Annabeth Chase
    • ‘I’m more than just a pretty face.’ -Piper McLean
    • ‘I’d gone from sixteen to seventy-five in a matter of seconds, but the old man smell happened instantly, like boom. Congratulations! You stink!’ -Jason Grace
  • Question of

    Would you prefer Camp Half-Blood or Camp Jupiter?

    • Camp Jupiter!
    • Camp Half-Blood!
    • I don’t care
  • Question of

    Did you like this quiz?

    • Yeah!
  • Question of


    • YAS
    • NO
    • MAYBE?

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