Which of the 4 Types of Kissers Could You Be?



From craft and music to Vogue and film, these extraordinary stars have achieved stunning things both on and off-screen. Amidst the relentless Hollywood way of life, these stars and their popular partners have figured out how to discover and preserve love. Here are the cutest couples who figure out how to get everyone’s attention, and our hearts, at whatever point we see them.

Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor

Numerous individuals believe that age is only a number, and nothing demonstrates that saying to be more genuine than this celebrity couple. American Horror Story star Sarah Paulson, aged 45, has been with Taylor, 77, for more than five years now. Notwithstanding the 32-year age difference, it appears the two award-winning entertainers couldn’t be more joyful.

Clearly the two had known each other for some time however didn’t begin dating until 2015. In a meeting on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Paulson reviewed how after the two began following each other on social media Holland made the intense move to slide into Paulson’s DMs. In any case, it turns out this isn’t the only couple who began with a flirty DM.

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

It’s difficult to contain our fervor at whatever point we see this delightful star couple on red carpet. Relationship goals don’t even start with the pair who met in 2004, after Burtka joined Harris on the hit show How I Met Your Mother.
“I guess it’s time.”
marissa meyer, Cress

“It was at first almost as if he hadn’t wanted to kiss her. His mouth was hard on hers, unyielding; then he put both arms around her and pulled her against him. His lips softened. She could feel the rapid beat of his heart, taste the sweetness of apples still on his mouth. She wound her hands into his hair, as she’d wanted to do since the first time she’d seen him. His hair curled around her fingers, silky and fine. Her heart was hammering, and there was a rushing sound in her ears, like beating wings”
Cassandra Clare Double Clutch

“Are you going to kiss me?” I blabbered stupidly.
Liz Reinhardt, Memories of My Melancholy Whores

“As I kissed her the heat of her body increased, and it exhaled a wild, untamed fragrance.”
Gabriel García Márquez, What If It’s Us

“How she felt when he kissed her- like a tub of roses swimming in honey, cologne, nutmeg and blackberries.”
Samuel Sullivan Cox Going Bovine

“God, Arthur.” He kisses me. “Te quiero. Estoy enamorado. You don’t even know.” And I don’t speak a word of Spanish, but when I look at his face, I get it.”
Becky Albertalli, The Silver Kiss

“And when it comes, her kiss is like something not so much felt as found.”
Libba Bray, Max

“Believe this,” he whispered, and kissed her with the sharp, sleek kiss, the silver kiss, so swift and true, and razor sharp, and her warmth was flowing into him.”
Annette Curtis Klause, Wait for You

“Max.” Fang let go of my hand. “Right now, it’s really all about—us.”
James Patterson, The Declaration

“I started to kiss him back, slower and clumsy where his had been sure, practiced. I was worried I was doing it wrong, but then a deep sound came from him, almost a growl and instinctively I
J. Lynn, Gatsby Girls

“A breeze blows up, touching my cheek like a little child’s kiss. It flutters a piece of paper. “Trash, out there? Must belong to one of us.” We move closer, and when I reached for it, I find…… a perfect paper airplane.”
Ellen Hopkins Lady Antebellum

“I love you Anna Covey,’ he said, his voice barely audible. And slowly, clumsily, he leant forward, and his lips found hers, and Anna felt him kiss her awkwardly, she knew that she wasn’t a Surplus any more. And nor was Peter.”
Gemma Malley, How to Make an American Quilt

“I hope I haven’t given you the impression that I consider kissing intrinsically irrational.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald, Mister B. Gone

“Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight just a touch in the fire burning so bright no I don’t wanna mess this thing up I don’t wanna push too far just a shot in the dark that you just might be the one I’ve been waiting for my whole life but baby I’m alright with just a kiss goodnight”
Lady Antebellum, So Silver Bright

“All you have to go on is the faith of a kiss.”
Whitney Otto, The Abyss Surrounds Us

“See the mountains kiss high Heaven
Percy Bysshe Shelley, Thomas Hutchinson The Monk

“As to my mouth, of all my features, I wish I could possess my mouth again, just as it had been before the fire. I had my mother’s lips, generous below and above; and what kissing I had practiced, mainly on my hand or on a lonely pig, had convinced me that my lips would be the source of my good fortune. I would kiss with them, and lie with them, I would make victims and willing slaves of anyone my eyes desired, simply by talking a little, and following the talk with kisses, and the kisses with demands. And they’d melt into compliance, everyone of them, happy to perform the most demeaning acts as long as I was there to reward them with a long, tongue-tied kiss when they were done. But the fire didn’t spare my lips; it took them too, erasing them utterly.”
Clive Barker, Seeking Crystal

“If you wanted to play with fire, milady, you could have simply asked me for a kiss or three.”
Lisa Mantchev, A Million Little Pieces

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  • Question of

    So are you a fan of giving your tongue a workout during a kiss?

    • It’s an important part sometimes.
    • You know it!
    • No thanks
    • Tongues have their place, sure.
  • Question of

    When it comes to French kissing, how much tongue are we talking about anyway?

    • Well, you want to make sure you’re doing it right.
    • Like, all the tongue
    • I don’t think that’s necessary.
    • A little bit of tongue never hurt anyone.
  • Question of

    Have you ever been inspired to bite someone’s lower lip in the middle of a kiss?

    • A little nip adds some fun to a kiss.
    • I’ll chew that thing like a hound dog with a T-bone.
    • Why would I ever bite someone’s face?
    • It’s happened once or twice.
  • Question of

    Do you feel the need to pre-moisten your lips with a quick lick before kissing?

    • Well, if they’re dry, sure.
    • Heck, yeah! The wetter the better!
    • No one needs a sloppy kiss.
    • Not in a gross way
  • Question of

    If the lips aren’t an option, where else on the face are you kissing someone?

    • An eyelid kiss is fun sometimes.
    • Is tongue an answer?
    • Cheek
    • The forehead
  • Question of

    What’s your favorite spot to kiss someone in a sexy time sort of way?

    • I go for the ears.
    • I don’t think I can talk about that here.
    • The lips are good.
    • A sexy neck kiss is fun.
  • Question of

    Do you ever make a noise when you’re kissing someone?

    • I maybe make an ‘mmm’ sound sometimes.
    • I like to moan and grunt and whatnot.
    • What noise would I make?
    • Some soft noises, I guess.
  • Question of

    How long after you meet someone that you find really attractive do you wait before going in for a kiss?

    • If we’re really into each other? Not too long.
    • I’d introduce myself with a kiss if I could.
    • It could take a while.
    • I might offer a goodnight kiss at the end of a date.
  • Question of

    Some people are really down with PDA. Do you kiss in public?

    • Sometimes the mood strikes, so sure.
    • I will kiss anywhere and everywhere.
    • No, that’s meant to be private.
    • Like a quick one, sure
  • Question of

    What can your partner do that will utterly ruin a kiss for you?

    • Not reciprocate
    • Nothing!
    • Be overly aggressive
    • Have terrible breath
  • Question of

    How would describe the way your lips look?

    • Sensual
    • Sexyful
    • Thin
    • Normal, I guess.
  • Question of

    Should your face ever be wet when you’re done kissing?

    • Hey, if it happens it happens.
    • Every single time!
    • Gross
    • I mean… probably not? But maybe?
  • Question of

    How do you feel the moment before you move in for that first kiss with someone you’ve never kissed before?

    • Exhilarated
    • Turned on
    • Anxious
    • It feels pretty good.
  • Question of

    What happens if you’re not 100% sure about how fresh your breath is and you know a kiss is incoming?

    • I keep gum for just such an emergency.
    • I go for it anyway.
    • I’ll back off.
    • I keep it a closed-mouth kiss.
  • Question of

    Have dry, chapped lips ever ruined a kiss for you?

    • They get in the way sometimes.
    • I don’t know about ruined, but they made it less fun.
    • Never!
    • Ugh. Yes!

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