Which of the 4 Types of Kissers Could You Be?

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    So are you a fan of giving your tongue a workout during a kiss?

    • It’s an important part sometimes.
    • You know it!
    • No thanks
    • Tongues have their place, sure.
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    When it comes to French kissing, how much tongue are we talking about anyway?

    • Well, you want to make sure you’re doing it right.
    • Like, all the tongue
    • I don’t think that’s necessary.
    • A little bit of tongue never hurt anyone.
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    Have you ever been inspired to bite someone’s lower lip in the middle of a kiss?

    • A little nip adds some fun to a kiss.
    • I’ll chew that thing like a hound dog with a T-bone.
    • Why would I ever bite someone’s face?
    • It’s happened once or twice.
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    Do you feel the need to pre-moisten your lips with a quick lick before kissing?

    • Well, if they’re dry, sure.
    • Heck, yeah! The wetter the better!
    • No one needs a sloppy kiss.
    • Not in a gross way
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    If the lips aren’t an option, where else on the face are you kissing someone?

    • An eyelid kiss is fun sometimes.
    • Is tongue an answer?
    • Cheek
    • The forehead
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    What’s your favorite spot to kiss someone in a sexy time sort of way?

    • I go for the ears.
    • I don’t think I can talk about that here.
    • The lips are good.
    • A sexy neck kiss is fun.
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    Do you ever make a noise when you’re kissing someone?

    • I maybe make an ‘mmm’ sound sometimes.
    • I like to moan and grunt and whatnot.
    • What noise would I make?
    • Some soft noises, I guess.
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    How long after you meet someone that you find really attractive do you wait before going in for a kiss?

    • If we’re really into each other? Not too long.
    • I’d introduce myself with a kiss if I could.
    • It could take a while.
    • I might offer a goodnight kiss at the end of a date.
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    Some people are really down with PDA. Do you kiss in public?

    • Sometimes the mood strikes, so sure.
    • I will kiss anywhere and everywhere.
    • No, that’s meant to be private.
    • Like a quick one, sure
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    What can your partner do that will utterly ruin a kiss for you?

    • Not reciprocate
    • Nothing!
    • Be overly aggressive
    • Have terrible breath
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    How would describe the way your lips look?

    • Sensual
    • Sexyful
    • Thin
    • Normal, I guess.
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    Should your face ever be wet when you’re done kissing?

    • Hey, if it happens it happens.
    • Every single time!
    • Gross
    • I mean… probably not? But maybe?
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    How do you feel the moment before you move in for that first kiss with someone you’ve never kissed before?

    • Exhilarated
    • Turned on
    • Anxious
    • It feels pretty good.
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    What happens if you’re not 100% sure about how fresh your breath is and you know a kiss is incoming?

    • I keep gum for just such an emergency.
    • I go for it anyway.
    • I’ll back off.
    • I keep it a closed-mouth kiss.
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    Have dry, chapped lips ever ruined a kiss for you?

    • They get in the way sometimes.
    • I don’t know about ruined, but they made it less fun.
    • Never!
    • Ugh. Yes!

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