Which Personality Traits Are Dominant In Me?

Getting a handle on personality science is essential for improving your behavior and getting to know yourself better.

In addition, your personality science may come as a surprise. In addition to taking our free personality test, you can learn more about each personality feature by reading the explanations provided below.

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Researchers have discovered that there is a scientific method of determining one’s personality. Every single individual — regardless of gender, age, or ethnicity — is composed of five fundamental characteristics.

  • Openness
  • Conscientiousness
  • Extroversion
  • Agreeableness
  • Neuroticism

This set of five personality traits, often known as the OCEAN model, is extremely useful for gaining a better knowledge of oneself. By understanding your own personality, you are better equipped to communicate your requirements, form more meaningful connections, and maximize your actions. Continue reading or watching the video to find out where you fit on the personality spectrum….

Is your personality a result of your ancestors?

Is your personality a result of your genetics or your environment? Did you acquire your characteristics from your parents or did you develop them throughout your childhood? The answer is, in fact, both.

Our personalities are complex, multi-dimensional monsters with many facets. According on the findings of four distinct twin studies, certain characteristics are more heritable than others, according to the experts. For example, how adventurous you are is the most heritable characteristic, but how easygoing you are is the least heritable trait, according to research. To put it another way, if your parents enjoy eating new meals, you are more likely to do the same. If, on the other hand, your parents are laid-back hippies, your chances of becoming a hippy are reduced.

Here’s a quick rundown of the five characteristics and how “heritable” they are.

Personality trait number one is openness.

When someone is interested and openminded to new experiences and information, they are said to be open. Individuals that score well on openness tend to be creative and curious. People that have a low openness rating are dependable and careful in their actions. Is it correct to say that you agree or disagree with these statements?

  • I’m a big fan of adventure.
  • I have a lot of imagination.

Whenever new activities are introduced, I am the first to attempt them.

If you agreed, you most likely have a high level of openness. If you disagreed, you most likely have a low openness rating.

Openness is influenced by genetics to a degree of 57 percent.

Special Note: If you have a high level of openness, make it known to the people in your life that you enjoy being pushed. Make sure you have a variety of avenues for your creative expression. You must also ensure that your spouse or partner is aware of your degree of adventure in order for your demands to be satisfied.

Conscientiousness is the second most important personality trait.

Conscientiousness is a characteristic that describes how well-organized and trustworthy you are. People that have a high level of conscientiousness are efficient and well-organized individuals. People who have a low conscientiousness rating tend to be more laid back and easy-going. Is it correct to say that you agree or disagree with these statements?

  • I have a strong sense of self-discipline.
  • I am a really well-organized person who always arrives well-prepared.
  • I prefer to have a strategy in place rather than being spontaneous.

If you agreed, you are likely to have a high level of conscientiousness. It is likely that you have a low conscientiousness rating if you disagreed. This personality quiz will measure your personality based on conscientiousness.

Conscientiousness is influenced by genetics to a 49 percent degree.

Note: If you have a high level of conscientiousness, you should make certain that the people around you understand and appreciate your need to have a plan. But don’t be too upset with those who have low conscientiousness ratings; you can’t hold it against them because they aren’t organized.

There are numerous personality tests online and many of them are not accurate. Our personality quiz will help you to find that.

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  • Question of

    You get diagnosed with a terminal disease. What kind of support do you want from those closest to you?

    • I’m really shocked by the news and need to share the things I’m feeling and going through with my family and friends
    • I have tons of projects and plans I want to make real, and I ask my family and friends to help me do that
    • I just want to spend as much time with my family and friends as I can before the inevitable happens
    • Death is just a part of life and I’m not afraid of it, so I ask everyone to treat me like they always have
    • Even if I’m scared at the prospect of dying, I don’t want to involve everyone too much, since I don’t want them to worry about me
  • Question of

    You’re at the supermarket, and the line’s very long. People are getting impatient. What do you do?

    • I ask the cashier if it’s possible to open another counter, though I understand if they’re undermanned
    • I stand quietly and wait, there’s no need to fuss about it
    • I take it upon myself to demand the cashier open another counter
    • I tell the cashier it’s just not good enough to let people wait like that, and that the shop will have to hire more people if they can’t keep up with the demand
    • I ask people to get it together – can’t they see the cashier’s doing all he can?
  • Question of

    You see a man confronting a woman, but you can’t tell if it’s an assault or if they are just arguing. What do you do?

    • I walk over and ask if everything is OK, but respect whatever answer they give me
    • I walk over, but upon hearing the reason for his anger, I have to support him, even if he’s very threatening and menacing in his attitude
    • I immediately walk over to support the woman. It’s just not right for anyone to be treated like that, and he shouldn’t even be given the chance of turning violent
    • I leave them be. There’s nothing illegal about yelling and I have somewhere important to be
    • There’s no need to rush into things – if things escalate, I might do something, but probably it’ll work out without me needing to interfere
  • Question of

    Your mother is showing you the new dress she intends on wearing to a party where your colleagues and friends are coming to. You think it’s hideous and a little embarrassing. What do you tell her?

    • I tell her that it’s not really my taste, but if she likes it, she should wear it. Who cares what everyone else thinks, anyway?
    • I ask her to please find something else to wear, since I need to make a good impression on my colleagues
    • She obviously likes it, so I tell her it’s a pretty dress to avoid hurting her feelings
    • I straight up tell her it’s ghastly and she shouldn’t wear it, ever, since she’ll be an embarrassment
    • I avoid saying anything altogether, but simply listen to her story of how and where she bought it while I nod and smile
  • Question of

    You and a colleague want to take a course in something that can help you career-wise, but there’s only one opening left. You can affect which of you gets it. What do you do?

    • I let my colleague take the opening, since he’s much more into it than I am
    • I don’t try to affect who gets the opening – if I don’t get to go, I can always quit my job and try something different altogether
    • I think I have the better claim on the opening, since I’ve been doing the same job for a longer time of than my colleague, and I simply explain this to him, asking if he’s willing to me take the opening
    • I make sure I get in the course, since I can’t stand the thought of not making any progress in my professional life
    • I don’t try to affect who gets the opening – my colleague deserves it as much as I, and either way, there’ll be other courses at a later time
  • Question of

    There’s a man lying in the street. He looks shaggy and unkempt, but you don’t know if he’s a drunk or if he’s had a stroke. What do you do?

    • He’s probably just drunk, and I don’t really have time to try and nurse life back into him, and no one’s around to notice what I’m doing, anyway
    • I walk over to him and shake him to see if he wakes up. I know there’s a hospital around the corner, so I end up carrying him to the emergency and making sure he gets the help he needs
    • I go over and see if he’s breathing or not, and then I wait for a while to check if anything happens, but after that, I decide I should probably get going – he can sleep if off where he is
    • If he’s having a stroke and I don’t help him, he’ll be dead because of me, so of course I go and help him. And even if he’s just a drunk, it’s a pity to let anyone lie in the gutter like that
    • If a man can’t hold his liquor and passes out in the street, it’s none of my business, so I leave him be
  • Question of

    You’re working at a newspaper and are at a meeting where the assignments are being handed out. Which assignment do you get for yourself?

    • I let the others choose first, since I just like writing – whatever I get is going to be great
    • I make sure to get the interview with a political leader on the present major political issue, and I’ve already done my research and prepared questions
    • I volunteer to be sent to Syria to do a report on the civil war, since I find it important to inform people about the issue
    • I have this idea for a critical analysis of the government’s politics, pointing out how they’ve gone back on election promises
    • I ask if I can cover the fundraiser for the building of a children’s hospital that will specialize in treating cancer
  • Question of

    You have a lot of spare time and want to take up a new interest. Which of these will it be?

    • I take up a handicraft or a project I can work on at home
    • I create a blog where I post opinions on fashion, politics or celebrities
    • I start taking lessons in something I’ve wanted to learn for a long time
    • I start doing sports, preferably a contact or a team sport, but anything active will do
    • I start doing charity work in my community
  • Question of

    You are having some friends over for dinner and need to decide on a menu. What will you make?

    • The kitchen is something of a different planet to me, so rather than making my friends endure steak turned to leather, I buy something ready-made
    • A stew that needs to simmer for most of the day – tastes great and pretty much cooks itself
    • A three-course gourmet dinner accompanied by some carefully selected wines
    • I know one friend has an affinity for my homemade ice cream, so definitely that, and then something that everyone likes for the main course
    • Chili con carne, because we all like meat and we love chili, and I have a great recipe with fresh chili that I’m sure my friends will love, too
  • Question of

    Your boss has invited you to a fundraising event at his home. Why do you go?

    • My boss is a nice guy and it’s a good cause, so there’s no downside
    • I suppose it will be fun, and it’s only a few hours, anyway
    • I don’t particularly like fundraisers, and tell my boss so, but I still go, since most of my colleagues will be there
    • He’s my boss, so I’ll have to go to stay on good terms with him
    • Actually, I’ve already made plans with my friends, and although I’m not going to do anything important, I still feel I should stick to my promise of seeing them, so I tell my boss I can’t come

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