Which primary color are you?


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    An important person in your life was in grave danger. What would you do?

    • Figure out a solution where nobody dies
    • Kill for them
    • Die for them
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    Choose a fruit:

    • Banana
    • Strawberry
    • Blueberry
  • Question of

    Choose a gemstone:

    • Citrine
    • Ruby
    • Sapphire
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    Which of these best fits you?

    • Warrior
    • Hopeful
    • Wise One
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    Which bird do you prefer?

    • Sparrow
    • Eagle
    • Owl
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    Choose an aesthetic:

    • Picnics in sunny fields, bird song, getting up early to see the sun rise.
    • Stargazing in the woods, singing in the rain, describe on spiders webs.
    • Crackling log fires, dancing on tables, lots of laughter.
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    Which one are you?

    • Introvert
    • Ambivert
    • Extrovert
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    Which do you believe is your best trait?

    • My bravery
    • My intelligence
    • My sense of humour
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    Which animal group do you prefer?

    • Dogs
    • Birds
    • Cats
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    Choose a word that stands out to you:

    • Spike
    • Wonder
    • Beauty

What is your legendary spirit animal?

What TYPE of blue are you?