Which Ryan Gosling character should you date?

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    Are you good at keeping secrets?

    • No way.
    • Somewhat.
    • Of course.
    • Depends on whose secret I am keeping.
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    Which of these are you most likely to say?

    • ‘A person may be proud without being vain.’
    • ‘The more I see of the world, the more I am dissatisfied with it’
    • ‘Laugh as much as you choose, but you will not laugh me out of my opinion.’
    • ‘Neither duty, nor honor, nor gratitude…have any possible claim on me.’
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    How did you handle your first fight with your significant other?

    • I went on a long walk
    • We talked things out
    • We yelled and then we did other stuff 😉
    • Other / We haven’t had a fight yet
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    What’s your relationship status?

    • Taken
    • Single
    • It’s complicated
    • Married
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    Do you kiss on a first date?

    • Depends on how many drinks I’ve had *wink*.
    • Who doesn’t?
    • Never!
    • Only if I really like the person.
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    What is the most important virtue in a man?

    • Kindness
    • Piety
    • Intelligence
    • Fortune
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    What do you do to impress someone special?

    • Run errands for them and hope they notice
    • Look at them
    • I used to be beautiful…
    • Sing to them
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    You had a crazy night. What does your Facebook look like the next day?

    • Photos of me doing something borderline illegal.
    • A single photo with a cheesy tag line.
    • Phone numbers, selfies, and LOTS of messages.
    • Nothing new, just the usual.
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    In a group situation you’re more likely to…

    • Take charge.
    • Sit back and stay quiet.
    • Try to be the center of attention.
    • Find someone to hit on.
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    You’re cornered by a pair of bad guys. What do you do?

    • I talk my way out.
    • Fight my way out.
    • I flirt my way out.
    • I fake a medical emergency.
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    How do you tend to get along with people?

    • People adore me!
    • People either love or hate me. There is not much in between
    • I secretly despise humanity
    • I make friends with people easily.
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    Which kind of engagement ring would you prefer?

    • A single solitaire
    • An emerald cut stone with filigree
    • Halo Ring Design
    • Other / Something non-traditional
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    How do you react when you feel ganged up on?

    • Mock whoever insults you
    • Apologize
    • Plot to crush them
    • Find a new group of friends
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    What would you do if your friend unwittingly got pregnant and wanted to end the pregnancy?

    • I’d do anything to raise enough money for the procedure.
    • I’d be there as the shoulder to cry on.
    • I’d give the friend some well-intentioned advice.
    • I’d tell her that she needs to decide for herself what to do and how to do it.
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    People say, ‘Forgive and forget.’ What do you say?

    • That’s also what I say.
    • Forgive but never forget.
    • Never forgive never forget.
    • Pretend to forgive and then annihilate.

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