Which stereotype is your guy?

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    What does his room look like?

    • kind of messy.
    • neat as a pin.
    • some stuff here and there, a little messy, and boring.
    • really messy and covered with posters.
    • messy.
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    Why do you like him?

    • Because he is good and doesn’t get into trouble.
    • Because he’s really nice to me.
    • Because he is really funny.
    • Because it seems he can’t get anything done and he usually asks me for help. It’s like he needs me.
    • Because he has a bad side that most people don’t know about.
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    Does he ever curse?

    • He would NEVER curse.
    • Not really.
    • Only when he seriously messes up.
    • Yeah.
    • Sometimes. Like most guys do.
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    What does he do on Saturdays?

    • He goes out and skateboards.
    • Uh, he hangs out with his friends.
    • He calls his friends to come over and they all talk and clean his room.
    • He plays Monopoly with his parents.
    • He plays video games or watches T.V.
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    What type of girls does he like?

    • girls who are oragnized and understanding.
    • rebellious girls.
    • nice-nice girls.
    • outgoing and athletic girls.
    • pretty girls.
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    What does he wear?

    • suits and shiny shoes.
    • ripped jeans and black. Or whatever he finds on his bedroom floor from the day before.
    • Mismatching clothes and sometimes only one sock.
    • A t-shirt with a slogan that’s actually funny.
    • what most guys are wearing around here.
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    What is his favorite animal out of these?

    • He’s scared of animals.
    • dog or a wolf.
    • baboon.
    • rodent.
    • dog or a cat or a hamster. I’m not sure.
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    What is his sense of humor?

    • I don’t know. He’s funny. That’s it.
    • Stupid humor like knock-knock jokes.
    • A humor that most people don’t get until they think long and hard about it.
    • He has every sense of humor.
    • sarcastic sense or humor.
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    If he could dye his hair he would dye it:

    • black or green or bright red or blue.
    • whatever he felt like doing.
    • nothing. He would NEVER sye his hair.
    • a natural color. blonde, red, brown, black.
    • brown or blonde.
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    What type of music does he listen to?

    • Punk Rock, Punk Metal, Goth Rock, Rock.
    • A little bit of everything. Rock, Rap, Pop, etc.
    • R&B or Rap.
    • Kid’s Bop or Radio Disney.
    • Rock or Rap.
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    What does he eat for breakfast?

    • Coffee.
    • Cereal.
    • He sleeps through breakfast.
    • Yogurt.
    • Eggs, Pancakes, Sausage, and Orange Juice.
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    Out of these choices, which one is he most interested in?

    • school.
    • magazines.
    • cars.
    • sports.
    • junk food.
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    The two words to describe him are:

    • Good Boy.
    • Unbelievably Unbelievable
    • Bad Boy.
    • Really Funny.
    • Average Boy.
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    Who is his role model?

    • Anyone who is good at planning things ahead of time.
    • A buffy muscular guy. I don’t know his name.
    • Some guitar player in some band.
    • His parents.
    • Spongebob Squarepants.
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    What is his favorite?

    • fire.
    • water.
    • element. He likes skateboarding.
    • earth.
    • wind.

Does he likes you?

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