Which Subject would you excel in at Hogwarts?



Who wouldn’t like to get admitted in to Hogwarts, the school of Wizardry and Witchcraft, I mean there is an obvious reason a.k.a magic. But what is other than wizardry and witchcraft that is so tempting about the school? Well, among all the things appealing about Hogwarts, the abundance of various subjects made available is definitely on the list. Include both the core curriculum and the electives, available from third year forward. In the fifth year, students take the Ordinary Wizarding Level (O.W.L.) exams to determine whether they can achieve a score high enough to continue to N.E.W.T.-level (Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test) for the class in the remaining two years. Some classes even the core classes can be oped out of in the sixth year with an advantage of opting for subjects like Alchemy.

Though there is feasibility for students to apply for Time-Turner classes given that the timetable of the students allows it. Though on very rare occasions, this can be suggested to an individual by their house head, but all the students have a choice regarding whether or not they wanna opt for it. The choice is usually provided to students to make sure that these classes do not become a burden for these students.

The choices and options for various subjects increase as the student promotes to the next year but in the first year it is mandatory for the student to attend the seven core subjects: Transfiguration, Charms, Potions, History of Magic, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Astronomy and Herbology. Flying lessons (on broomsticks). Whereas flying lessons is the only subject which ends up being an option in the second year.

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    Which of these was your best subject in school?

    • Chemistry
    • Gym class
    • Literature
    • History/government
  • Question of

    Which of these jobs appeals most to you?

    • Airline pilot
    • Prosecutor
    • University professor
    • SeaWorld or circus trainer
  • Question of

    Which of these movies appeals to you most?

    • A crime drama
    • A western, preferably with horses
    • A high-adrenalin action movie
    • A documentary about times past
  • Question of

    How do you like your coffee?

    • Hand-ground by me, carefully measured and made with filtered water
    • Black, maybe one sugar
    • I prefer tea.
    • I’d rather start my day with a kale smoothie.
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    How do you deal with a difficult or gossiping co-worker?

    • I might slip a little laxative into their coffee.
    • Confront them in the restroom and hash it out
    • Leave a frog in their desk
    • Get myself assigned to a one-person project
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    Do you want kids or pets?

    • Kids!
    • Pets!
    • Both!
    • Neither!
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    How many friends would you say you have?

    • Quite a few
    • Do teammates in my rec-sports league count?
    • Do my pets count?
    • Just one or two close friends
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    What do you prefer to eat for breakfast?

    • An old-fashioned breakfast, with tea and toast and sausages
    • Something hearty… I burn a lot of calories in a day.
    • Just coffee and a pastry
    • Something healthy, like juice and oatmeal.
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    An old school friend is coming to visit. How do you prepare?

    • Mix up their favorite cocktail
    • Get tickets to a movie about the supernatural
    • Get tickets to the biggest sports event in town
    • I’d probably forget until the day of, then scramble to make last-minute plans.
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    Which of these books might you buy in a bookstore?

    • The Joy of Cooking
    • All About Krav Maga
    • 101 Victorian Ghost Stories
    • Marley and Me
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    Which of these alcoholic drinks appeals most to you?

    • A mojito or caipirinha
    • Whiskey neat
    • Beer for me, thanks!
    • A sloe gin fizz
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    Do you enjoy watching sports?

    • Yes, all kinds
    • Only if they don’t involve animals getting hurt
    • If I can gamble on them.
    • No, they don’t really interest me.
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    You’ve screwed up on the job. How do you handle the boss’s dressing-down?

    • I square up and take my medicine.
    • I go for a five-mile run afterward.
    • I go home after and play with my dog or cat.
    • I really don’t screw up at work; I just have a knack for avoiding trouble.
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    Are you good at handling money?

    • Better than most, I think.
    • Being a very conservative investor holds me back a bit.
    • Ah, money just slips through my fingers.
    • Yes, and I’m a particularly good stock-picker.
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    Which family member are you closest to?

    • Nobody in my family gets along, tbh.
    • My parents
    • My siblings
    • A grandmother or grandfather

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