Which Twilight Boy Would Catch Your Eye?

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    Do you prefer reading, watching movies or listening to music?

    • I prefer reading to the others.
    • Listening to my music.
    • They’re all okay, but I like movies most.
    • Music and movies are both pretty cool.
    • Whatever.
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    What’s your best friend like?

    • Somewhat quiet and reserved.
    • Opinionated and strong-minded.
    • Someone who makes a joke out of anything, but is serious when they need to be.
    • Hilarious and sarcastic to the extreme.
    • Fun to be around and quite loud.
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    What quality are you most looking for in a boyfriend?

    • Being your friend.
    • Being there no matter what.
    • Being able to make you laugh.
    • Being completely devoted to you.
    • Being a trustworthy person.
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    How are you in school?

    • I don’t know…average?
    • Pretty smart, I guess.
    • Top of the class…though I don’t much like to brag.
    • Witty, but outspoken.
    • Does it really matter?
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    Would you rather be warm all the time, or cold?

    • I’d rather be nice and warm.
    • I love the cold!
    • Umm…normal?
    • I prefer the cold, but warm is good too.
    • And this matters because…?
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    Last question – what would you want your parents to think about your boyfriend?

    • That I loved him.
    • That he was dangerous, a rebel.
    • They’d already know him! He’d be my friend for so long beforehand.
    • That he was funny and good to me.
    • That he’d be willing to do anything to make me happy – within reason.
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    Which of these Twilight characters do you admire most?

    • Bella Swan
    • Renesme Cullen
    • Alice Cullen
    • Rosalie Hale
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    Which Twilight book did you enjoy reading most?

    • ‘Twilight’
    • ‘New Moon’
    • ‘Eclipse’
    • ‘Breaking Dawn’
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    Would you prefer a werewolf, vampire or human?

    • Human
    • Werewolf
    • Vampire
    • It doesn’t matter
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    What superpower do you want your guy to have?

    • Telepathy
    • Shape shifting
    • Pathokinesis
    • Super strength
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    What is the most important thing in a relationship?

    • Communication
    • Loyalty
    • Respect
    • Happiness
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    Which of these features are you most attracted to?

    • Eyes
    • Abs
    • Personality
    • Big arms
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    How long have you two been together?

    • 2-3 years
    • A few months
    • Over 5 years
    • More than 10 years
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    Which of these qualities is a deal breaker?

    • Being too possessive
    • Having anger issues
    • Lack of self confidence
    • Being a player
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    What kind of guy do you go for?

    • The mysterious guy
    • The hot guy
    • The sensitive guy
    • The funny guy
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    Do you want to get married?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Someday, yes
    • I’m not sure yet
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    How much time do you guys spend together?

    • Every waking moment
    • Whatever free time we have
    • A fair amount of time together
    • Mostly on weekends
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    What kind of girlfriend are you?

    • The clingy girlfriend
    • The party girlfriend
    • The trophy wife girlfriend
    • The independent girlfriend
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    What do you like to do with your boyfriend?

    • Everything
    • Watch movies
    • Cook
    • The naughty
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    Which of these romantic quotes do you like most?

    • If I could dream at all, it would be about you.
    • Until your heart stops beating, I’ll be here fighting.
    • You are worth it.
    • I want to be your favorite hello and your hardest goodbye.
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    How often do you guys argue?

    • All the time
    • Rarely
    • Never
    • More often than I would like to admit
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    How do you solve arguments?

    • We don’t, we just ignore the fact that it ever happened
    • We kiss and make up
    • We discuss what went wrong
    • Admit that I was wrong
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    Does your boyfriend get jealous easily?

    • Yes
    • Extremely
    • No
    • Rarely
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    Your boyfriend has been keeping a secret from you, what do you do?

    • Keep asking about it
    • Nothing
    • Let him tell me when he is ready
    • Conduct my own investigation
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    Where would you like to go on vacation?

    • Thailand
    • Mexico
    • France
    • Hawaii
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    An amazing first date would be…

    • Going for dinner
    • Going to the beach
    • Dinner and a movie
    • Going to an amusement park
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    Which color best describes you? (Not your favourite, just which one represents you)

    • Red – warm, passionate, intense.
    • Black – mysterious, brooding, quiet.
    • White – innocent, shy, polite.
    • Yellow – happy, fun, friendly.
    • Green – funny, smart, kind.
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    What animal is your absolute favourite?

    • Dogs.
    • I’m not so great with animals.
    • They’re all so cute!
    • Bears.
    • Mountain lion, or any other kind of feline.
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    If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

    • A busy city.
    • Exotic places, with palm trees and bright colors.
    • Right here.
    • Wherever my honey is.
    • Someplace in the country, nice and quiet.
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    What are your usual after-school activities?

    • Drive home, complain about your day to whoever wants to listen, eat dinner, watch tv.
    • Do my homework, go for a walk, eat dinner, read.
    • Anything unexpected and fun.
    • Avoid doing homework, eat dinner, hang with friends.
    • Do homework, make dinner, read.

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