Which Twilight Guy is Right For You?


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    What do you look for most in a guy?

    • Muscles. I like them big and strong!
    • Happiness. He has to make me feel good whenever I’m with him.
    • Friendliness. He has to come up and say hi. Don’t be shy!
    • Warmth. I like to snuggle. Oh, it’s even better if he’s exotically handsome!
    • Unbelievable beauty. All of his features have to be perfect. Oh, he has to be passionate too…
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    What hairstyle do you like best on a guy?

    • Long and in a ponytail.
    • Blonde. Just blonde.
    • Dark and curly.
    • Long and messy.
    • Short and spiky.
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    What kind of eyes do you like best on a guy?

    • Topaz, and wary of surroundings.
    • Dark brown and full of depth.
    • Topaz, and very thoughtful.
    • Topaz, and ready to fight for what’s right!
    • Blue and sparkly.
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    What would your guy do when he first sees you?

    • Size up my muscles and ask me if I want to arm wrestle.
    • Say hi! And make the conversation ALL about me!
    • Look at me briefly and try to ignore me.
    • Say, “Hey, I think you bought my dad’s old truck!”
    • Stare at me frustrated and look away.
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    Where would your guy take you on a date?

    • To a wrestling match. I know he could beat those guys any day, though.
    • To his house, where we sit and talk quietly on the couch.
    • To an Italian restaurant, sitting in a private booth, where it’s all about him and me…
    • On a walk along the beach.
    • To the school dance, or maybe a movie.
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    What would your guy love most about you?

    • My spunk. Oh yeah, and my cool spiky hair!
    • He loves me because I flirted with him that one time! Stupid me!
    • My long legs and blonde hair. I’m so pretty!
    • Everything. My beauty, clumsiness, the way my heart stops when I kiss him, heck! Even the smell of my blood…
    • My originality. I’m sure he’s never seen anyone like me.
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    What would your guy’s personality be?

    • Cheerful and funny. Very sure of himself.
    • Brave, humorous, sometimes careless.
    • Thoughtful, slightly funny, passionate, and obsessed with my safety.
    • Quiet but sure. Militaristic.
    • Happy and content. Sometimes oblivious, though.
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    What would your guy do when you’re alone?

    • Check to see if we’re really alone, and then give me a meaningful peck.
    • Kiss me slowly and then pause for awhile for me to catch my breath.
    • Put his arm around me and try to ignore all the awkwardness.
    • Kiss me fiercely. I’ll protest for a bit, but then it’ll actually start to feel kind of nice…
    • Give me a bone crushing bear hug, and then a big kiss on the lips.
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    What would be the most romantic thing your guy would say to you?

    • “You’re very….” *pause* “pretty.”
    • “You put joy in my life. And your spiky hair is really cool!”
    • “I’m in love with you, (INSERT NAME HERE). You just don’t see it yet.”
    • “My life was nothing before I met you. Now you are the only purpose of it.”
    • “You’re so perfect. I don’t know how I could ever live without you.”
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    Lastly, who is your favorite guy character from the Twilight novels out of these?

    • Jasper
    • Jacob
    • Edward
    • Mike
    • Emmett

Which Twilight man is yours?

How dirty is your mind?