Which Twilight man is yours?


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    Describe what appeals to you most in a man.

    • Rebellious, outspoken, and is not afraid to fight for his girl
    • Laid back, funny, and not afraid to be bold even when he should be quiet
    • Loving, passionate, and gentle
    • Quiet, a little reserved, and smart
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    Physically, what do you look for most in a man?

    • Hugely muscular, with dark short hair, relaxed movement
    • Beautiful eyes, brown wavy hair, a smile that would make me forget to breathe
    • Blonde hair, movie star looking, quick on his feet
    • Tall, tan, and long black hair
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    How would you say you dress?

    • I don’t know….jeans and t-shirts….something that helps me fit in
    • None of these apply to me
    • I always where things that show off my amazing figure.
    • Something fun and wild, always!
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    If your man could have one talent, what would it be?

    • He can listen to everyone else’s mind, but mine=)
    • He can control emotions around him….soothing
    • He can lift cars over his head, yeah I’m talking super strength!
    • He can morph into a crazy animal like a wolf!
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    What’s the most important thing to your man?

    • Food… winning me over any other guy, no matter the cost
    • My safety and happiness, mostly safety…..
    • Me….that’s all, just me!
    • Not killing people….not kidding
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    How would you feel if your man ever left you?

    • Like my chest had a huge hole in it, and I had to hold my hands around my chest just to hold it together
    • Horrible, I would cry for like two days straight!
    • Really sad, but I would get over it soon enough
    • Really depressed, and I would do anything in my power to get him back.
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    Would you rather want a ………?

    • Really Deep guy, like we are talking bottom of the Atlantic Ocean deep?
    • Deep guy?
    • Shallow guy?
    • Kind of both deep and shallow guy?
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    What’s your man’s take on marriage?

    • Not AGAIN!
    • He’ll marry me whenever I want him to.
    • Not now, not when we have so much life ahead of us!
    • Willing to marry me whenever I give the OK, which will be hard for me
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    Which man would you say you’re most compatible with?

    • Jasper
    • Emmett
    • Edward
    • Jacob
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    Which girl do you think you most resemble?

    • Edward’s Bella
    • Alice
    • Jacob’s Bella
    • Rosalie

Which Twilight guy are you most compatible with?

Which Twilight Guy is Right For You?