Which Weasley boy is your destined lover?


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    What is your Hogwarts house?

    • Slytherin, house of the purebloods!
    • Ravenclaw the scholars!
    • Hufflepuff, the kind and loyal
    • Gryffindor all the way
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    Who is your favourite professor out of these four?

    • DUMBLEDORE! I love sherbet lemons too!
    • Professor Sprout (as long as there are no Mandrakes about)
    • Lupin is the best! Marauders for me!
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    Which Weasley do you like best?

    • Ron, he is brave an hates spiders like me!
    • Percy! I favour scholars and plus who doesn’t want a soulmate in the ministry?
    • George! I just want to run my fingers through his scruffy ginger hair!
    • Charlie! Dragons are the best and I just loved little Norbert!
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    What personality traits do you look for in a boyfriend?

    • Smart, Loyal and loving
    • Brave, Courageous, loving
    • Humorous, goofy, prankster
    • Someone who shares my obsession with food 😉
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    How would your boyfriend greet you in the hallway?

    • He would sneak up behind me and put his hands round my waist, then he would mean close and kiss me
    • I would be reading a book in the hallway and he would read with me and pull me into a long snog
    • He would run into the hallway and we would start a session of wild kissing
    • He would throw a dungbomb to clear out the hallway then he would pull me into another room and then kiss me
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    Which pet would you like to have?

    • Rat, it has a cool tail
    • Owl, I’ll name it Hedwig! R.I.P Hedwig.
    • Phoenix of course!
    • Snake, it stinks around and bites unsuspecting victims
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    What is your ideal date with your Weasley brother?

    • A romantic Date at the lake, we would read books together and then talk
    • We would fly over the lake and mountains, then we would go into the forbidden forest and look for trouble
    • We would be in a joke shop then we would go to the back and have a long session of wild kissing
    • We would go see a couple of dragons in their natural habitats.
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    What is their clothes style?

    • A perfect fitting suit with a black collar
    • Plaid and jeans
    • Plain but good looking
    • Suit and tie just to look good
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    Where would you go if you had a free period?

    • Honeydukes of course! Sweets for days!
    • Definitely Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes!
    • The leaky Cauldron, a butterbeer would be nice!
    • I would like to roam around, poke around!
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    And finally……. What is your favourite pair of colours?

    • Blue and bronze, Colours for the mind!
    • Yellow and black, colours for the kind
    • Gold and Red (you must know what I mean)
    • Silver and Green (you know why)

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