Which Wedding Dress Flatters Your Body Type?



An entire new set of stars have emerged in the public eye in the year 2020. Like 2010s which gave us celebrities like Malala Yousafzai, Justin Bieber, and Logan Paul; 2020 seems to have done the same with giving us some of the excellent newbies. Below mentioned are a few remarkable teens which we believe will emerge victorious In their fields in the coming decade.
“How is it
Kamand Kojouri

“Let us remember to
Kamand Kojouri

“All I need to do
Kamand Kojouri

“With you, I am. Without you, I am not.”
Kamand Kojouri

“I fell in love
Kamand Kojouri

“Love, they said, burns you
Kamand Kojouri

“What is this love
Kamand Kojouri

“Like a pair of old slippers,
Kamand Kojouri

“Whenever you keep score in love, you lose.”
Kamand Kojouri

“My spouse is my shield, my spouse is my strength.”
Amit Kalantri,

“Most women would each be left with fewer dreams or without a dream, if the institution of marriage were to be abolished.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

“In modern times couples are more concerned about loyalty than love.”
Amit Kalantri,

“The only path wide for us all is love.”
Kamand Kojouri

“Remember, whoever holds the purse strings for the wedding has the control. Don’t accept a cent from anyone else if possible. Then you and him will be the only ones calling the shots. All the decisionswill be yours and the rest of them will just have to go along with it.”
Melissa Hill,

“There are no words that can be said to justify the beauty of a bride walking down the aisle in anticipation of sharing the rest of her life with the man she esteems and loves the most, nor of the look on that man’s face, when he beholds the one who will be entrusting her life to him to protect and her heart for him to love. All that can be said is that all who witnessed it found themselves overwhelmed with the joy that comes with seeing that one moment when all feels and is as it should be.”
Trix Wilkins,

“Start the Quiz”

  • Question of

    Let’s get started. What word best describes you?

    • Fun
    • Strong-minded
    • Intelligent
    • Laid back
  • Question of

    What body shape do you have?

    • Hourglass
    • Apple
    • Rectangle
    • Pear
  • Question of

    Which of these words sounds most like your sense of style?

    • Sexy
    • Dressy
    • Clean
    • Simple
  • Question of

    What colors make up most of your closet?

    • Brights
    • Pastels
    • Neutrals
    • Darks
  • Question of

    Are you comfortable walking in heels?

    • Very
    • I can manage
    • Maybe too comfy
    • Not at all
  • Question of

    When it comes to wedding dresses, what color will yours be?

    • White
    • Blush
    • Yellow
    • Not sure yet
  • Question of

    Which of these words do you want your dress to be described as?

    • Sparkly
    • Regal
    • Chic
    • Traditional
  • Question of

    What length are we looking at?

    • Dragging on the floor
    • Floor-length
    • Ankle-length
    • It’ll be asymmetrical
  • Question of

    How fitted do you want it to be?

    • Almost so that I can’t breathe
    • Tight up top, loose at the bottom
    • Not tight at all
    • A little tight
  • Question of

    Lots of lace, or no?

    • Yes!
    • Tulle, not lace
    • A little bit
    • Quite a bit
  • Question of

    What about pearls and beading?

    • Tons
    • Quite a bit
    • None
    • Very minimal
  • Question of

    Which of these features should the dress show off?

    • Butt
    • Cleavage
    • Arms
    • Neck
  • Question of

    What should the most important thing about your dress be?

    • Makes my husband-to-be drool
    • It looks picture perfect
    • It’s one of a kind
    • It allows me to move and have fun in it
  • Question of

    Will the dress, in any way, match your groom’s outfit?

    • Maybe a few elements
    • Yes, perfectly
    • Not at all
    • I don’t know what he’s wearing
  • Question of

    Will the shoes match?

    • For the most part
    • Of course
    • Not really
    • Nope

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