Which Western Movie Star Is Your Ideal Husband?

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    Do you have friends who are probably better than you?

    • Not that I’m aware of…
    • Maybe. I don’t think about people that way.
    • I know one or two, but they’re only better if I play fair!
    • Nope. I’m the best, full stop.
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    Do you believe in justice?

    • Of course!
    • I don’t know. It’s a concept, not a fact.
    • Deserve’s got nothing to do with it.
    • I believe justice is always possible.
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    Do you have any role models?

    • I have a couple mentors.
    • I look up to some of my friends.
    • My old teacher is my role model.
    • I try to be my own role model.
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    How conventional are you?

    • I’m old school, but not conventional.
    • It’s impossible to be more conventional than me.
    • I’m very unconventional.
    • I guess I’m just unconventional enough to be interesting.
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    Do you prefer city slickers?

    • Not particularly
    • No way! I don’t mind cities, though.
    • Absolutely. Give me someone from Brooklyn.
    • I wouldn’t mind someone from the suburbs.
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    How tall do you like your men?

    • 6′
    • 6’2′
    • 5’10’
    • 6’3′
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    Is it important that your man’s name be easy to spell?

    • Yes!
    • Pretty important
    • Not important at all
    • I don’t mind occasionally having to correct people.
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    Does your ideal man do his own stunts?

    • Of course! He’s a Western movie star!
    • No, I don’t think so.
    • He should at least be able to ride his own horse!
    • He should do all his own stunts and be a total boss.
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    Is your ideal Western movie star funny?

    • Not even a bit
    • Deep, yes. Funny? Not so much.
    • Yes, he should have a glimmer of humor in his eyes.
    • He should have a good deadpan.
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    Is your dream partner the marrying kind?

    • Not really
    • Absolutely
    • Deep down, he should be.
    • I think that it’s more exciting if that question remains up in the air.
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    Does your partner smoke on screen a lot?

    • No more than the average
    • A bit
    • Tons. He should make a show of it.
    • Not excessively
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    What modern car do you think your ideal Western movie star would drive today?

    • A Porsche 911 Turbo
    • A Dodge Ram
    • A Caddy ATS
    • A Chevy SS
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    How famous is your ideal Western movie star, today?

    • Virtually unknown
    • His name should be recognizable.
    • Famous among fans of the genre
    • Hugely famous
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    What major award should he have won?

    • None. Nothing.
    • An Oscar for best actor
    • The BAFTA, more than once
    • A Primetime Emmy
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    In what modern movie would you cast your ideal Western movie star?

    • ‘Haywire’
    • ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’
    • ‘Drive’
    • ‘The Dark Knight’
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    What cowboy song do you think he’d sing?

    • ‘Home on the Range’
    • ‘Ghost Riders in the Sky’
    • ‘Cancion del Mariachi’
    • ‘Don’t Fence Me In’

Which Western Movie Star Is Your Ideal Husband?

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