Which Wildcat am I?

  • Question of

    What’s your preferred climate?

    • Rainy
    • Hot like the desert
    • Dry and warm
    • Cool and green
  • Question of

    Pick a continent

    • Europe
    • North America
    • Africa
    • Asia
  • Question of

    How lazy are you?

    • Not at all – I’m always ready to spring into action
    • I like to relax, but I also like to get out
    • I don’t like moving unless I have to
    • Eh
  • Question of

    Pick a big cat

    • Lion
    • Tiger
    • Leopard
    • Cheetah
  • Question of

    How scary are you?

    • Pretty spine shakingly terrifying
    • I’ve been known to make people jump
    • Not really very scary
    • I’m as scary as a kitten in a bowl of ice cream
  • Question of

    Pick an adorable pet cat name

    • Fluffy
    • Mr Wibbles
    • Sooty
    • Buttons
  • Question of

    Pick a drink

    • Milk
    • Water
    • Squash
    • Fruit juice
  • Question of

    Could you survive a night in the wild?

    • Yes, I wouldn’t even need a tent
    • Yes, if I was well prepared
    • I could do it, but I wouldn’t enjoy it
    • What’s the wild? Is it as comfy asmy sofa?
  • Question of

    When you’re in a dangerous situation, which of your many attributes do you rely on most?

    • My speed
    • My strength
    • My smarts
    • My sense of humor
  • Question of

    Did you grow up in a big family or a small one?

    • A big one
    • A small one
  • Question of

    You’re chilling at home, what does your living room look like?

    • Sparse and neat
    • Cluttered, but organized
    • Like a bomb went off
    • Umm… like a living room?
  • Question of

    Now, let’s say you’re Netflixing as well. What’s on?

    • Something animated
    • Something dramatic
    • Something hilarious
    • Something to binge watch
  • Question of

    When do your claws really come out?

    • Traffic. Being on hold. Anytime I have to wait. I’m super impatient.
    • When people try to convince me kale is delicious
    • When I catch someone in a lie
    • When people generally suck. So, they’re always out!
  • Question of

    When do you do your best sleeping?

    • At night
    • During the day
    • Anytime I can
    • I don’t sleep very well
  • Question of

    Hello Kitty. Thoughts?

    • Adorbs
    • A crass merchandising ploy
    • Evil. Just. Evil.

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