Which Winter Sport Should You Try This Year?

Sledding for Dogs
What could be better than that? Dogs, snow, and stunning landscapes! Dog sledding is a great way to take a personal tour of the beautiful scenery around you while traversing snow and ice. Sleighing is a dreamlike experience that allows you to get up close and personal with nature and all the wonders it has to offer.

Snowshoeing is a common winter sport.
Snowshoeing is the world’s fastest-growing winter sport, owing to its ease of learning, low cost (in comparison to other spow sports! ), and ability to burn off all that vin chaud and tartiflette! Snowshoeing can be enjoyed on several occasions, whether you want to walk for fun, trek through the backcountry, or compete. Snowshoeing is an excellent alternative to skiing, especially if you enjoy running.

Climbing on the Ice
Ice climbing is just what it sounds like: ice climbing. Ice climbing is similar to rock climbing in that it involves ascending beautiful icefalls, frozen waterfalls, cliffs, and frozen rock faces with sturdy, durable ropes and crampons that can fit in your travel camera bag. Many resorts offer organised climbing lessons, which anyone with a reasonable level of fitness may participate in. Check out www.myfitnesshub.com for all the workout gear and equipment you’ll need. All you need is some safety equipment that is even more durable and reliable than the best tennis strings, and you’ll be good to go.

Tours with a Snowcat
Jumping aboard a Snowcat is a great way to see the beautiful sights your resort has to offer by not raising a finger if you want to take a break from snow sports and exercise. These tours also include daily photo stops, so hop in and let your inner travel photographer loose. If you work out regularly, don’t forget to invest in bmi scales to keep track of your body weight. Don’t forget about a fitness tracker with blood pressure for your fitness and for every aspect of your personal journey; it will keep you going and inspired.
Biking on skis
If you’re a skier or snowboarder looking for something a little different, this is a fantastic sport to try. If you enjoy mountain biking, you will undoubtedly enjoy ski biking as well. It’s like mountain biking, except on snow, with mini-skis instead of wheels, and you slow down and split by digging your feet into the snow! Ski biking is extremely easy on the nursery slopes; it just becomes more challenging on steeper routes (make sure you have some courage in your rucksack!).

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