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    Someone is being quite mean to your friend, what do you do?

    • Joke around so everyone laughs
    • Panic, and then tell a teacher of what happened.
    • Stand up for my friend
    • Flirt with them all!
    • Say my honest opinion
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    What do you want your results to be?

    • The respectful one
    • The romantic one
    • The honest one
    • The humorous one
    • The compassionate one
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    A very close friend of yours is crying about “being ugly”, what do you do?

    • Tell them that they are not, and then kiss them.
    • Ask them if they really want to know, if they say “Yes” I will tell them my honest opinion
    • Make them laugh a little so they won’t even know that they were crying about it: D
    • Ask if they want to talk about it, and if they say,”No” then I will let them be
    • Tell them that they are not, and give them a shoulder to cry on
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    You’re having the perfect day, and a friend of yours tells you that they didn’t bring enough lunch money. What do you do?

    • Flirt with them and give them the amount they need, then wink at them 😉
    • Give them 5$ more than what they need so they can also get what they wanted last week
    • Ask them why they don’t have money and what they are getting before I give them anything
    • Tell them they need to remember to bring enough money everyday. I don’t give them even a penny for their irresponsibility.
    • Give them a few dollars and make a couple of jokes to make them smile
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    You are going to the bus before school (If you ride one, if not PRETEND) and a strange man asks for spare change, what do you do?

    • Give them what they wish for and flirt with them afterwards
    • Dig in my pockets for big cash (Way over their wish) and give it to them
    • Give them nothing, and say that I have none. (Which I don’t)
    • Give them what they wish for, and proceed with your day
    • Give them 2$ and make them laugh
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    The person you envy insults you, what is your response?

    • Ask why they insult me, then tell them, “I forgive you”
    • Tell them that I really like them.
    • Laugh and say something sarcastic, but funny
    • Tell them something that surely hurts them (While it’s the truth)
    • Ignore them, and continue with my day
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    The person you really like asks you out on the day you are mad busy, what do you tell them?

    • Tell them how busy I am, then ask if they can reschedule the date
    • Tell them “Yes” I’ll clear my plans for them!
    • Tell them “I really appreciate the offer, but I’m quite busy”
    • Tell them “I don’t have time that day, sorry”
    • Joke with them and say “Sure”
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    You have a history report due and you forgot it in your locker. The teacher goes to collect yours. What do you do?

    • Tell them how sorry I am that I forgot it.
    • Tell them that it is in my locker
    • Flirt with the teacher, then ask “May I use the restroom?” then grab it on the way
    • Make up a hilarious story of why I didn’t have it
    • Tell them “I left it in my locker, ma’am/sir”
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    Today you confess to your crush of how you feel. What is your approach?

    • Go up to them and tell them in the flirtiest way I can.
    • Find a time when they are upset then tell them that I like them, then cheer them up
    • Joke with them, and then tell them, “I like you”
    • Tell the right off the bat “I like you”
    • Find time in both of our schedules then say, “I-I really..um..li-like you..”
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    A friend of yours is cheating off of you, what do you do?

    • Joke with them and let them slide
    • Let them
    • Tell the teacher.
    • Tell them that I would most likely fail and that they are not to cheat
    • Flirt, then I’ll let it slide
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    Someone who you cannot stand, is crying about something serious. What do you do?

    • Joke with them
    • Respect what they have to say
    • Flirt with them
    • Give them a shoulder to cry on, and listen to what they have to say
    • Tell them my honest opinion, and clearly state that I hate them
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    What do you see when I say “God”?

    • A man with a sexy beard
    • A humorous man
    • I don’t know
    • A man with kind eyes, and opening hands
    • Nothing, for he is not real.

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