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    If you saw a stray dog with an injured paw, what would you do?

    • Run away
    • Stand there and stare at it
    • Bring it to an animal hospital
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    If all the technology stopped working, would you help?

    • Try to help
    • Nah, not my thing
    • Help other inventors to fix the problem
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    If there were bunch of poor people near you house, what would you do?

    • Give them some money
    • Give them some food
    • No, way, i’m saving my money
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    If your friend has boy issue and doesn’t know what to do, what would you do?

    • Ignore her
    • Give some advice
    • Flirt with the boy
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    If someone was trapped in a building with fire and needed help, what would you do?

    • Go in and rescue them
    • Leave them to die
    • Call the police
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    If your friends needed help with a math test, what would you do?

    • Ask someone for help
    • Don’t help them
    • Help them study
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    If your cat had babies, what would you do?

    • Give them alone time
    • Give them some milk
    • Help them feel comfy
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    If someone came in to your classroom with clown outfit, what would you do?

    • Stare at her/him with your mouth open
    • Help her/him
    • Laugh hysterically
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    If someone got bitten by a snake, what would you do?

    • Help her/ him
    • Run out of the room
    • Take her/him to the nearest hospital
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    This not count for the quiz, but why did you take this quiz and what did you think of it?

    • I’m bored and I like it
    • My friend told me and I don’t know
    • Just for fun and I love it

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