Who Is Your Harry Potter Boyfriend?


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    You arrive at Hogwarts the same year as Harry, Ron, etc. You like guys who are:

    • Younger than I am
    • Much older than I am
    • “Dude, he’s almost dying!”
    • Around the same age as I am
    • Older than I am
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    You look most often for a guy who is:

    • Fanboy, cheerful
    • Wise, happy
    • Selfish, hot
    • Humorous, hot
    • Cunning, smooth
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    Thoughts on Harry Potter (the character and his traits, not the books/movies).

    • Nice person, will change the world for the better
    • He’s cool
    • I want his blood
    • He’s all right, for a Gryffindor
    • OMFG OMFG HARRY POTTER dbvfuoqbwcolibwpi!
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    What house do you want “him” to be in?

    • Depends. I would say Gryffindor, but I am also tempted to say Liondor
    • It doesn’t matter
    • Gryffindor, just like his lovely parents
    • Slytherin
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    Walking through the corridors, “he” comes up behind you and:

    • Shares a wise quote with me
    • Slides his arms around my waist, kissing my neck
    • Takes a tumblr photo of me – his specialty
    • Throws me over his shoulder, making both of us laugh
    • Kills me (I’m dead)
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    You want a guy who:

    • Has an older brother, but never talks about him
    • Is an only child
    • Has a lot of siblings
    • Has a little brother, but never talks about him
    • Killed his family, probs
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    Academic level of the guy you want?

    • Above average, but makes the teachers’ lives hell
    • None
    • Average, but sucks up to the teacher
    • In bloody space
    • Slightly above average
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    Which colors best fit you?

    • Red and yellow
    • Green and black
    • Black and silver
    • Orange and yellow
    • Purple and silver
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    Which of these pets would you rather have?

    • An owl
    • A snake
    • Don’t want one
    • A house elf – is there anything better?
    • A phoenix
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    How would you like to die?

    • Bitch, I’m not dying
    • After saying something wise
    • Knowing I have had great power
    • With my other half at my side
    • After making sure my loved ones are happy
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    Do you most despise:

    • I LOOOOOOVVVEEEEE all people!
    • Muggle scum?
    • Malfoy?
    • Potter?
    • Snape?
  • Question of

    Fave character type?

    • The badasses
    • The man with the sexy nose
    • Professors
    • Main characters’ friends
    • Extras
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    Physical traits of your guy?

    • Red hair, brown eyes
    • Green eyes
    • Blonde hair, aqua eyes
    • Blonde hair, blue eyes
    • Blue eyes
  • Question of

    If you could be guaranteed one thing, which of these would you choose?

    • To always be happy
    • To make sure all my enemies die
    • To make sure no one knows about my past
    • Power
    • To meet my senpai
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    Favorite candy of these?

    • What’s Harry’s favorite candy, again?
    • Bat’s blood soup
    • Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans
    • Idk about candy, but unicorn blood is pretty nice
    • Liquorice snaps
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    Favorite number of these? This question took me a lot of research…all have a reason, and none are made up…OK, maybe one (none of these).

    • 7- My idol’s Quidditch number
    • None of these
    • 7/3 – My Quidditch numbers
    • 2 – Our brothers’ Quidditch number
    • 7- Duh
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    You like to spend your free time:

    • Pranking
    • Plotting
    • Healing
    • Stalking
    • Eating
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    Fave Quidditch position?

    • Watching
    • Seeker
    • Beater
    • Eww, Quidditch!
    • Fan club
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    When you are sad, you most likely:

    • Go for a walk
    • Kill someone Iit’s a joke, chill!)
    • Keep it to myself
    • Confide in my other half
    • Make sure I am alone, then cry
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    Did you like this quiz?

    • AMAZING!
    • Wicked
    • I could make a better one
    • Very well done
    • Meh

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