Who is my Mr. Right?

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    What kind of girl are you?

    • I hang with the gangsters. All that kinda stuff 😉
    • I’m the popular one. Girls wanna be me, guys wanna date me.
    • I’m preppy. I’m all smiles.:) Life’s good, ya know!
    • I love to study. I’ve got my life planned out. First, college, then uni, and then my PHD! Whoohoo!
    • I’m the girl who slumps in the back of your geometry class. I don’t care about things and I have like no friends. But hey! I don’t want any.
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    What kinda hair color do you like on guys?

    • Blonde
    • Dyed another color
    • Black
    • Brown, neat
    • Dirty Blonde, cute and preppy!
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    What is your favorite color of eyes on guys?

    • I don’t care
    • Emerald green
    • Gray
    • Hazel
    • Sky blue
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    Do you like a guy? If yes, what category would he fit in?

    • Player
    • Bad Boy
    • Jock
    • Prep
    • Nerd/Geek ~Hey! I value smart guys!
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    It’s a Friday after school. Your crush calls you;

    • ‘Shopping! Duh!’
    • ‘Uh, chillin’
    • ‘With the gang.’
    • ‘Studying, obviously. I mean, we have a test soon.’
    • ‘Hanging with friends’
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    What’s your fave characteristic of a guy?

    • Clothes . . .?
    • His smartness
    • Funny
    • Sporty
    • His bod
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    If you walk in on your boyfriend and best friend making out. What would you do?

    • I don’t have best friends so . . .
    • Ugh! Whatever, that a**hole!
    • Um, no boyfriend here! I only have study partners.
    • Ignore them. Feel hurt but try to get over it, cuz he obviously did.
    • Who said we were exclusive?
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    What’s his fave color?

    • Red
    • School colors, duh!
    • Black
    • Idk . . . light colors, like baby blue
    • Blue
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    What is your fave color?

    • Red or Purple
    • Blue
    • Black
    • Light colors
    • School colors
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    Did you like this quiz?

    • Definitely
    • It’s smart.
    • Ugh, gimme my results
    • Okaaaay. Whatevs
    • Totes!:)

Who will be your lover?

What is your cup of tea type of guy?