Who Is Your Celebrity Father Figure?

  • Question of

    What’s your gender?

    • Male
    • Female
    • It’s complicated!
  • Question of

    Which basic ice cream flavor do you enjoy most, if you HAD to choose one?

    • Vanilla
    • Chocolate
    • Strawberry
  • Question of

    Chunky or creamy peanut butter

    • Chunky
    • Creamy
    • Neither/No Preference
  • Question of

    Which Olympic sport do you enjoy watching most?

    • Figure Skating
    • Basketball
    • Track & Field
    • Table Tennis
    • Gymnastics
  • Question of

    You’ve just won $5,000. What’s the first thing you think of spending it on?

    • Donating some to my favorite charity
    • Tickets to a movie or show
    • A flashy new outfit
    • New sports shoes
    • An investment in a new company idea
  • Question of

    Which of these qualities is most important that your ideal significant other be?

    • Outgoing
    • Philanthropic
    • Funny
    • Driven
    • Athletic
  • Question of

    Would you rather be one of many siblings, one of few siblings, or an only child?

    • One of many
    • One of few
    • Only child
  • Question of

    Which is most important to you?

    • Fitness
    • Success
  • Question of

    Choose the word that best describes your closest friend.

    • Ambitious
    • Social
    • Light-hearted
    • Kind-hearted
    • Sporty
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    Which of the following activities sound the most fun to you?

    • Finding a new hiking trail
    • Impressing others at a networking cocktail event
    • Club hopping with my best friends
    • Volunteering at a soup kitchen with my significant other
    • Going to a stand up comedy club
  • Question of

    Where would your family base be?

    • New York City
    • London
    • Sydney
    • Paris
  • Question of

    Where do your family go to escape from the spotlight?

    • Hawaii
    • Rome
    • Valencia
    • Iceland
  • Question of

    How many siblings do you have in your new household?

    • Only child
    • One brother
    • One sister
    • A ton of them!
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    What would your famous parents get you for your sweet 16th?

    • A car
    • A kick-ass birthday party
    • A holiday for you and your friends
    • Your first home
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    Your parents are famous and successful, but what do you aspire to be?

    • Writer
    • Singer
    • Model
    • Actor

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