Who is your Hogwarts Boyfriend?


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  • Question of

    What color eyes?

    • Vibrant green
    • Gloomy gray
    • A warm brown
    • Light blue
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    Will you rate?

    • Why not?
    • Of coarse
    • Sure
    • Never
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    Which boy would draw your attention?

    • The one talking about his last amazing catch at Quidditch practice
    • The one talking about Voldemort with no shame while his friends wince
    • The one ordering people around
    • The ones pulling any pranks they can without being caught
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    When would he finally ask you out?

    • After he saves your life… So heroic!
    • At the end of the last year… So sweet!
    • After pulling a major prank with peeves… So funny!
    • After he had his eye on you for at least a week… I don’t know what to say about him…
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    What would you do for your first date?

    • Go to his quidditch practice then for a moonlit stroll
    • Go to The Three Broomsticks then a day by the lake
    • Go and pull some prank
    • Go for an expensive dinner just the two of you
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    When would you have your first kiss?

    • After dating a week
    • After the first date
    • After dating a few weeks
    • After dating a few months
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    When would you have your first kiss?

    • After dinner
    • After pulling a prank
    • After saving your life
    • After he won the quidditch cup
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    What would your first be like?

    • Awkward but really sweet
    • Brave and suddenly
    • Romantic and funny
    • Strong and romantic
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    Sorry I forgot about this but what color hair do you prefer?

    • Fiery red
    • Platinum blond
    • Jet black and messy
    • An explosion on their head

Who Is Your Harry Potter Boyfriend?

Are you crushing on him?