Who is your ideal boy!

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    What is your ideal first date?

    • Rom-com in a dark theater.
    • His football or basketball game.
    • Walk in the park or on the beach.
    • Study date.
    • Romantic dinner.
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    What was the first thing you noticed about him?

    • His smile.
    • The math book he always seemed to carry.
    • His eyes.
    • His hair.
    • His personality.
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    Describe him in one word.

    • Smart
    • Passionate
    • Sporty
    • Mysterious
    • Loving
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    You just fell in the hallway. He would-

    • Sprint over to you and make sure you’re OK, and walk you to your next class.
    • Help you up and make plans for Friday night.
    • Smile sweetly and help you pick your books up.
    • Walk over to you and kiss your boo-boos bye-bye.
    • Help you pick you books up, but dart away so he wasn’t late for trig.
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    It’s you birthday! He gives you-

    • His journal of poems.
    • His football jersey.
    • Flowers.
    • His A++ science paper.
    • Tickets to a festival your favourite band is playing at.
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    His favorite color is-

    • White or yellow.
    • Other
    • Green or blue.
    • Red or orange.
    • Black.
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    You would like your relationship to be-

    • Romantic.
    • Loving.
    • Sweet.
    • Fun.
    • Down-right HOT!
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    The farthest you would like to go-

    • Hugging.
    • Hugging, kissing, holding hands.
    • Maybe 3rd base.
    • All the way.
    • Making-out, cuddling.
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    He would-

    • Do almost anything you asked.
    • Do whatever he felt like.
    • Let you cry on his shoulder.
    • Tutor you.
    • Show up on your door step with a dozen roses.
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    Did you find this quiz helpful?

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    • It was good.
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