Who Secretly Loves You?

  • Question of

    Where do you spend the most time?

    • At work/school
    • At my house
    • At a friend’s house
    • Around town
  • Question of

    Who do you spend the most time with?

    • Clients or customers
    • Coworkers
    • Friends
    • Strangers or new acquaintances
    • Family
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    Your car just broke down in the driveway, but you’ve got to get to work! Who do you call?

    • Someone at work
    • A good friend
    • A family member
    • My neighbor
    • A mechanic
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    Where are you the nicest?

    • At home
    • At work
    • Somewhere else
    • I’m always nice, silly!
    • I’m usually a jerk everywhere
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    Do you consider yourself a messy person?

    • Not at all; I like to keep things tidy
    • I wouldn’t say messy, but I’m not exactly clean either
    • Yep, super messy
  • Question of

    You just told an awfully bad joke. Who gives you a courtesy laugh?

    • A friend
    • A family member
    • A stranger or acquaintance
    • No one…
    • Everyone!
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    You live in a…

    • House
    • Apartment or condo
    • Mobile home
    • Townhouse or duplex
    • Other
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    Where do you most dress to impress?

    • Meetings at work
    • Shopping or eating out
    • Going to an event
    • Out partying
    • I never put much thought into my clothes, to be honest
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    You were just delivered a box of chocolates! But all the note says is ‘From your Secret Admirer.’ Any idea who it could be?

    • Hmmm, I have my suspicions…
    • Not a clue
    • Yes; in fact, I know exactly who it is!
  • Question of

    Do you think, who is secretly in love with you?

    • My Mate
    • My Neighbor
    • My Teacher
    • One of my friend
  • Question of

    Why do you think that person is secretly in love with you?

    • Because he/she always sits besides me even were not friends and always sharing his/her lunch at me
    • Because i caught him/her many times looking at my window
    • Because as my teacher she/he is too kind to me than my classmates
    • Because he/she is very kind to me and worried.
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    Can you tell me something he/she do that made you think he/she is in love with you?

    • He/she is trying hard to get close to me
    • I always receive foods and stuffs at my door with my name on it.
    • He/she actually wants to tutor me for free!
    • He/She always giving or buying me what i want.
  • Question of

    Don’t you think you’re just assuming that he/she is secretly in love with you?

    • No! I’m positive he/she really in love with me.
    • Maybe, He/she just trying to be friend on me.
    • Now you say it, Its impossible because he/she is too much older than me.
    • Maybe i’m just giving malice on our friendship.
  • Question of

    Is he/she in a committed relationship with someone?

    • Nope, he’s/she’s single.
    • He’s/She’s seeing someone, but they’re not exclusive.
    • He’s/She’s already married.
    • Yes, he’s/she’s in a relationship.

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