Who Would Your ‘Harry Potter’ Best Friend Be?

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    What kind of school do you think Hogwarts really is?

    • A networking opportunity
    • A party school
    • An elite learning institution
    • A sports school
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    Not that you would make one, but if you made a Horcrux, what object would you use to make it?

    • My roommate
    • A tree
    • A book
    • A tool
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    What creature would you keep as a familiar?

    • A lamb
    • A sparrow
    • A cat
    • A dog
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    Which ancient language would you be totally interested in learning?

    • Aramaic
    • Ancient Greek
    • Classical Chinese
    • Latin
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    How many languages do you actually speak?

    • 2
    • 3
    • 4 or more
    • 1
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    What sort of thing makes you really jealous?

    • Seeing someone with my friend
    • Seeing someone living my dream
    • Seeing someone performing better than me
    • Seeing someone enjoying the stuff I want
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    How much of your recreational time is spent sitting down?

    • Very little of it
    • None of it
    • All of it
    • About the average
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    When do you feel you’re really in the creative ‘zone’?

    • When I’ve lost track of time
    • When I can be left alone
    • When I’m in my comfortable place
    • When my heart is pounding
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    When do you find strangers want to help you for no reason?

    • When I’ve used a charm on them
    • When I’ve asked very sweetly
    • When I look really pathetic
    • When they’re just really polite folks
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    From what sort of wood would your wand be made?

    • Ebony
    • Lignum Vitae
    • Kingwood
    • Purpleheart
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    What sort of career would you have your eye on, post-Hogwarts?

    • Politics
    • The arts
    • Civil service
    • Business management
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    With which ancient Greek hero do you feel a connection?

    • Perseus
    • Theseus
    • Achilles
    • Odysseus
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    In which Hogwarts class would you have the most fun?

    • Defense against the dark arts, in which they teach you the dark arts
    • Potion making
    • Spellcraft 101
    • Phys Ed
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    Which nation’s cuisine do you like the most?

    • German
    • Italian
    • American
    • Japanese
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    Which of these is the substance of your bad dreams?

    • My world turning in on me
    • My eyes being blinded
    • My mind not being my own
    • Being struck by lightning

Who Would Your ‘Harry Potter’ Best Friend Be?

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