Who Would Your ‘Harry Potter’ Dad Be?

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    Do you think you’d be a Triwizard Champion?

    • No, but my dad would want me to try.
    • Yes, but I don’t want to be.
    • No, but I’d try.
    • Yes, and I would be the winner.
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    Let’s talk about the things you expect from a dad in the wizarding world. Do you think your dad should be kind?

    • Yes, but he doesn’t have to be.
    • No, but he probably would be.
    • Yes, kinder than my mother.
    • Yes, but he might not have time for me.
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    Would your dad want to spend a lot of time with you?

    • Yes, but he wouldn’t.
    • No, unless he needed something.
    • Yes, and he would do his best.
    • Yes, but it would all be learning.
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    If your dad wanted to teach you a new spell, would you listen?

    • No, he’s too mean.
    • Yes, but I’d forget.
    • Only if it was a fun spell
    • Yes, I always listen.
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    Would your dad protect you if you were in danger?

    • I don’t think so, but maybe.
    • Yes, if he is around.
    • Yes, of course!
    • Yes, but he’d rather teach me how to protect myself.
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    What will you and your wizard dad do together for fun?

    • Yell at each other
    • Hunt for something
    • Make jokes together
    • Learn a new spell
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    Which subject would your dad excel in in school?

    • Potions
    • Defense Against the Dark Arts
    • Muggle Studies
    • Care of Magical Creatures
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    Where did your dad and mom meet?

    • School
    • The Leaky Couldron
    • Hogsmeade
    • At a party
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    Here are a couple of random questions that will help us calculate your Harry Potter dad. What would your wand core be?

    • Dragon Heartstring
    • Unicorn Hair
    • Phoenix Feather
    • Werewolf Hair
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    What do you think your dad would do when you got your acceptance into Hogwarts?

    • Tell me it’s no big deal
    • Smile and congratulate me
    • Throw a party for me
    • Teach me new spells
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    How much time do you spend reading for fun?

    • Every once in a while, just when I’m really bored.
    • Sometimes, but I’d rather learn firsthand.
    • None, there are way more fun things to do.
    • A lot, I always want to learn new spells.
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    Now, let’s learn about some of your favorite things in the wizarding world. What is your favorite fantastic beast?

    • Ashwinder
    • Billywig
    • Bowtruckle
    • Doxy
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    Which mode of transportation is your favorite?

    • The Hogwarts Train
    • Disapparation
    • Floo Powder
    • Flying motorcycle
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    What spell would be your signature spell?

    • Expelliarmus
    • Lumos
    • Accio
    • Expecto Patronum
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    Do you like Quidditch?

    • I can live without.
    • Yes, it’s my favorite.
    • No, muggle games are more interesting.
    • Yes, but I also like muggle games.

Who Would Your ‘Harry Potter’ Dad Be?

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