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It was not about being helpless and depending on someone else, unlike the old conventional centred around a love interest kind of a movie it was about a young woman exploring herself and what she wants to do. Another brilliant example would be Frozen, where they challenge the stereotype of the handsome prince by making him the villain and giving the love interest very little of the screen time.

Further Disney also challenged all the previous stereotypes it incorporated in the fairy tales in the trailer of ‘Wreck it Ralph 2’; in which Belle from The Beauty and the Beast was shown as a opinionated lady who is fearless of the beast and nothing like a damsel in distress. Its not us feminism that Disney is focused about but also mental health. The movie ‘Inside Out’ addressed issues of mental health and emotions despite of being a kid’s movie.

Such remarkable characters and with even more yet to come Disney as indeed helped everyone make some beautiful memories which one can cherish no matter how much they grow up.
“You may be married to a star, but that doesn’t mean they’ll treat you like one.”
Jess C. Scott,

“Too many people are buying things they can’t afford, with money that they don’t have… to impress people that they don’t like!”
Will Smith

“There’s nothing like privacy. You know, I like people. It’s nice that they might like my books and all that…but I’m not the book, see? I’m the guy who wrote it, but I don’t want them to come up and throw roses on me or anything. I want them to let me breathe.”
Charles Bukowski

“Seeing the name
Christopher Hitchens

“If you say a modern celebrity is an adulterer, a pervert and a drug addict, all it means is that you’ve read his autobiography.”
P.J. O’Rourke,

“There is a huge trapdoor waiting to open under anyone who is critical of so-called ‘popular culture’ or (to redefine this subject) anyone who is uneasy about the systematic, massified cretinization of the major media. If you denounce the excess coverage, you are yourself adding to the excess. If you show even a slight knowledge of the topic, you betray an interest in something that you wish to denounce as unimportant or irrelevant. Some writers try to have this both ways, by making their columns both ‘relevant’ and ‘contemporary’ while still manifesting their self-evident superiority. Thus—I paraphrase only slightly—’Even as we all obsess about Paris Hilton, the people of Darfur continue to die.’ A pundit like (say) Bob Herbert would be utterly lost if he could not pull off such an apparently pleasing and brilliant ‘irony.”
Christopher Hitchens

“Stuck in my own trap of writing about a nonsubject, I think I can defend my own self-respect, and also the integrity of a lost girl, by saying two things. First, the trivial doings of Paris Hilton are of no importance to me, or anyone else, and I should not be forced to contemplate them. Second, she should be left alone to lead such a life as has been left to her. If this seems paradoxical, then very well.”
Christopher Hitchens

“There is no such thing as notoriety in the United States these days, let alone infamy. Celebrity is all.”
Christopher Hitchens,

“The most reliable topic for small talk is the goings-on of stars whether they’re rising or falling, and whether nor not a particular story is truth or fiction. This is way out of balance. It invades the privacy of men and women who didn’t give up being human when they became famous, and it negates the meaning inherent in our own lives. (300)”
Victoria Moran,

“Celebrities are like infants. Neither can wipe their own ass.”
Michael Brian

“They spoke as though these Princes are so remote from life as we know it that the smallest sign of humanity, the mere fact even that they communicated by means of speech was worth noting and proclaiming.”
Nancy Mitford,

“To create what it does, Hollywood has to draw young people, often of unstable temperment, from all over the world. It plunges them into exacting work—surrounds them with a sensuous life– and cuts them off from the normal sources of living”.”
Max Lerner,

“Famous people steal my quotes all of the time without knowing; none of it is ever very interesting though.”
Robert DeCoteau,

“Everything about him was turning out to be so much more accessible than she had thought. Spark by spark, the fire of the lofty star was going out, revealing a warm and completely lovable earthling under its glare.”
Molly Ringle,

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    Which of these is the best place you could be taken on a date?

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    Which of these would be the best gift?

    • Diamond earrings
    • Car
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    Of these, the best compliment you could receive?

    • ‘You have the most beautiful eyes’
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    What do you look for in a significant other?

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    • Mystery
    • Humor
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    • In his 50s
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    Of these, which is the best way a man could make you feel?

    • Protected
    • In control
    • Sophisticated

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