Who is your celebrity look alike?



There are many everyday people who if you see around will mistake them for a famous celebrity that you have been wanting to meet all your life. These people look exactly like a few celebrities we know and it will be fair to call them their doppelgängers.


Lady Gaga and Amethyst Rose

Fans are going Gaga over this 18 year old Californian Amethyst Rose who looks exactly like Lady Gage. They have surprisingly similar facial features. Amethyst has posted several pictures of her and Lady Gaga asking followers for differences which by the way are very few. Rose is also up fir a role where Gaga needs someone to play her teenage self or needs a stunt double. Look at the picture below and try finding out the real Gaga.


Selena Gomez and Sofia Solares

A fellow Selenator who is a die hard fan of Selena actually looks like her. The 22 year old Mexican, Sofia would have tears in her eyes if Gomez even became mindful of her existence she stated in an interview. Though she looks like one of the most sensational celebrities she believes it is necessary for her to not loose herself. It is important for her to not loose her identity.


Katy Perry and Francesca Brown

It is very easy to get fooled by Francesca Brown. An actress and impersonator it is very easy for her to make cameras follow her as she walks around. Though the similarity with Katy Perry caused several problems for her acting career but she decided to use it as an advantage for herself by taking lookalike jobs to pay the bills. Apparently looking like the famous pop star costed her several jobs but that hasn’t stopped Francesca as she has faith in herself and her talent as an actress and she is willing to fulfil her dreams no matter what.

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