Who’s your leading man?

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    What’s one thing you love about him?

    • He’s loyal.
    • He’s smart.
    • He’s strong (physically and mentally)
    • He always takes my feelings into consideration.
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    What’s one thing you hate?

    • He sometimes shuts down when it comes to talking about feelings.
    • He’s jealous.
    • He loses his temper easily.
    • He doesn’t express his feelings a lot.
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    What would your first kiss be like?

    • Awkward but sweet.
    • Illegal but everything I’ve ever wanted.
    • Strange but fantastic.
    • Dangerous but beautiful.
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    If something happened, why would he ask you to run?

    • Because he doesn’t think you could handle yourself in the situation.
    • He thinks you’re too weak and you’d be hurt and he’d never be able to forgive himself.
    • He knows you can handle yourself, but you need to get help and he doesn’t want you getting hurt.
    • Because he doesn’t want you to be in any danger.
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    Is he stubborn?

    • Incredibly so. I never win, not really. And if I do, it has a million conditions.
    • All the time, but I win a lot of the time.
    • Usually, but sometimes I can persuade him.
    • Oh yes, extremely. But I don’t listen.
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    What would your first date be?

    • Sitting in the greenhouse, talking and laughing.
    • Going for a drive and walk to somewhere nice – I don’t care where.
    • A walk around the grounds and maybe watch a game or two.
    • Just enjoying each others company – I don’t care what we do.
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    Why would he ever leave you?

    • Because where he was going, you couldn’t follow.
    • It interferes with how his life was supposed to go.
    • He could hurt you.
    • Because someone else could get hurt if he let himself love you.
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    What does he look like?

    • Tall and pale with almost white blond hair and stunning gold eyes.
    • Tall and extremely pale with chestnut hair and stunning gold eyes that can change colours.
    • Tall and tanned skin with amazingly dark brown hair and soft brown eyes.
    • Pale and medium height with messy black hair and striking green eyes.
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    What would you do if he was in danger?

    • Help him, no matter what.
    • Get help first before finding him and helping him.
    • Worry but know if you tried to help, you could get hurt and he’d never forgive himself.
    • Fight his orders and try to help as much as you can.
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    If he gave you a gift, what would you want?

    • Him.
    • I hate gifts, but he gives me them anyway.
    • Nothing, all I want is for us to be together.
    • Something of his, just an old jumper so I could remember him when he was gone. Or maybe he could just stay…
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    Do you consider yourself to be a movie buff?

    • A huge one
    • More like a movie connoisseur
    • Kinda
    • Not really
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    How often have you been to the movie theater in the past three months?

    • More than 10 times
    • 5 to 10 times
    • 3 to 5 times
    • Less than 3 times
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    What kind of movies are your favorite?

    • Adventure
    • Action
    • Romance
    • Comedy
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    Which of these trilogies would you spend an afternoon watching?

    • ‘Lord of the Rings’
    • ‘The Godfather’
    • ‘The Dark Knight’
    • ‘Toy Story’
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    Who is the best actor of all time?

    • Robert De Niro
    • Marlon Brando
    • Daniel Day-Lewis
    • Tom Hanks
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    But which of these men are you most attracted to?

    • Robert Downey Jr
    • Denzel Washington
    • Leonardo DiCaprio
    • Will Smith
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    Speaking of attractive men, what feature on a man’s face always makes your knees weak?

    • Jaw
    • Lips
    • Eyes
    • Smile
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    And what about his body?

    • Legs
    • Arms
    • Butt
    • Chest
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    Do you like a head of hair to run your fingers through or do you prefer it bald?

    • Hair to run my fingers through
    • A buzz cut is fine
    • Long, wavy locks
    • Bald
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    Let’s talk height. How tall or short should he be?

    • I’m not picky about height
    • Between 5′ 5′ and 6′
    • Shorter than 5 feet 5 inches
    • Over 6 feet tall
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    Which of these qualities should he possess?

    • Amazing intelligence
    • Loyalty
    • Charm
    • Great sense of humor
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    Ideally, which of these zodiac signs would he be?

    • Gemini, Libra or Aquarius
    • Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces
    • Aries, Leo or Sagittarius
    • Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn
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    What’s the one thing a man can do to turn you off?

    • Be lazy
    • Be possessive
    • Be cheap
    • Have bad hygiene
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    Does he need to be an amazing dresser?

    • Not really
    • No
    • Yes
    • That’s a plus
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    Should he have movie-star good looks?

    • That would be nice
    • No, it’s not required
    • Yes!
    • Not really
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    Now tell us about your life. How has it treated you so far?

    • It’s been a rollercoaster ride
    • It’s been hardcore
    • It’s been pretty sweet
    • I’ve had a great time
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    What was your childhood like?

    • I can’t really remember my childhood
    • It was pretty rough
    • It was ok
    • It was amazing
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    Did you have many friends?

    • Not really
    • A few
    • Yes, I did
    • Too many
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    What would your teachers say about you back then?

    • That I was really smart
    • That I was quiet
    • That I was a charmer
    • That I was a menace
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    Which high school clique were you in?

    • Nerds
    • Athletes
    • Popular kids
    • I didn’t fit into any one clique

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