Whose your actor and/or musician boyfriend?

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    What is your favorite song?

    • Sorry by Justin Bieber
    • Best Song Ever by One Direction
    • Scream by Zac Efron
    • Sugar by Adam Levine
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    Who is your favorite actress

    • Taylor Swift
    • Selena Gomez
    • Jane Herman
    • Vanessa Hudgens
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    Which is the most romantic way of meeting your soul mate?

    • Dropping all your groceries and then having him pick them all up, help you up, and walk you home.
    • You are constantly trying to win a giant teddy bear at the fair, and he then wins it for you
    • You are at a basketball game when a basketball comes flying at you, but he blocks it from hurting you.
    • You are eating a sandwich when you drop it in a lake, and he dives in, in his clothes so he can retrieve it for you.
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    What type of flower would you like to be presented with on you and your boyfriends one year anniversary?

    • Sunflower
    • Carnation
    • Rose
    • Daisy
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    What is your favorite movie?

    • Rocky
    • E.T.
    • Titanic
    • Dumb and Dumber
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    Would you consider yourself a good driver?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Sometimes
    • Most of the Time
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    Pizza time!!!

    • Cheese
    • Pepperoni
    • Olive
    • Hawaiian
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    What size teddy bear would your dream boyfriend surprise you with?

    • 3 foot
    • 4 foot
    • 2 foot
    • 5 foot
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    Favorite Emoji?

    • Laughing Crying
    • Heart Eyes
    • Winky Face
    • Crazy with Tongue
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    What is your ideal date?

    • Dinner and a movie
    • Picnic in the park
    • Stay in and play board games (and/or watch movies)
    • Concert
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    What do you value in a guy?

    • Intelligence
    • Humor
    • Creativity
    • Kindness
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    What are your future goals?

    • Travel the world
    • Get a career and start a family
    • I don’t know yet
    • Become famous
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    What physical trait do you first notice about a guy?

    • Hair
    • I try not to look at the physical
    • Eyes
    • Face in general
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    What is your biggest flaw?

    • I’m a bit controlling
    • I have a short temper
    • I get embarrassed too easily
    • I can be moody
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    What’s your favorite song out of these?

    • Sweet Creature by Harry Styles
    • Kid in Love by Shawn Mendes
    • Sweet Child O Mine by Guns N Roses
    • All Apologies by Nirvana
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    Where do you want to get married?

    • At an outdoor pavilion
    • I don’t care as long as I’m with him
    • The beach
    • A church or chapel
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    How many kids do you want?

    • As many as I can have
    • I don’t know
    • Two or Three
    • No kids just some pets
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    Which movie would you like to watch most?

    • Rebel without a cause
    • Stand by me
    • Titanic
    • Edward Scissorhands
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    Who would you like to get?

    • Harry Styles/James Dean
    • Kurt Cobain/River Phoenix
    • Axl Rose/Johnny Depp
    • Leonardo DiCaprio/Shawn Mendes
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    What is your age?

    • Under 18 Years Old
    • 18 to 24 Years Old
    • 25 to 30 Years Old
    • 31 to 40 Years Old
    • 41 to 50 Years Old
    • 51 to 60 Years Old
    • Over 60 Years Old
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    What is your gender?

    • Male
    • Female
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    What is your favorite color?

    • Blue
    • Maroon
    • Black
    • White

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