Why am I single

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    What type of personality do you have?

    • Other
    • Boring
    • Bubbly
    • Mean
    • Bossy
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    What do you do on Fridays.

    • Sleep
    • Use whatsapp
    • Go out or Party.
    • Watch a movie
    • Read
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    How many boyfriends have you had?

    • 8-15
    • 1-3
    • 4-7
    • 16 and up
    • 0
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    Why do you think you are single?

    • Too picky
    • I don’t know or haven’t found the right guy
    • Don’t want things to end the way they did in your last relationship
    • The boys you meet are too desperate
    • Afraid
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    When you see couples on the street or anywhere, what do you think?

    • She is going to get her heart broken
    • Urgg
    • He could do so much better. maybe I should get him to like me
    • One day I’ll find someone like that
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    What vibe do you give off?

    • Cute, flirty, fun, party girl, care free, will go out with ALMOST anyone.
    • People know that I am your average girl with flaws and all but they all know I have a secret hope to find a perfect relationship.
    • Pretty, smart, people think I am mean but they just don’t know me, hard to get
    • Cute, sweet, nice, easy to take advantage of, afraid of getting her heart broken
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    What are you usually thinking when it comes to love?

    • I want a boyfriend
    • Guys will never love me
    • One day I will find the one
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    Do you want to be in a relationship?

    • MAYBE/I DON’T know
    • NO
    • YES
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    How desperate are you?

    • Really desperate
    • A little bit
    • Not desperate at all just chilled
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    How long was your last relationship?

    • A few hours
    • 1 month- 11 months
    • Never had one
    • 2-3 weeks
    • 1 year and above
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    How many single friends do you have?

    • None
    • 21 and above
    • 1-10
    • 11-20
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    How often do you go out in a month?

    • 0
    • 1
    • 2
    • 4-5 times
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    Are you a cheating type?

    • I don’t know
    • Yes
    • No
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    You mostly feel insecure about being single when..

    • When I see a cute guy
    • You see your friends and their boyfriends
    • When I really am single
    • I don’t
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    Why are you really taking the test?

    • Because I’m bored
    • To find out what people don’t like about me
    • Because I want to know why and how I can fix that
    • Because my friends forced me too


Why Am I Still Single?