Will He Ever Ask You Out? Quiz

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    Are you:

    • A good friend of his.
    • In one to three of his classes.
    • Invisible to him.
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    In class you:

    • Catch him looking at you in class, then see you looking at him and blushes/winks and turns away.
    • Are staring at him the whole time, and catch him looking you over once or twice.
    • Class? Who said he was in any of my classes?
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    Does he ever play with your hair or tease you?

    • Totally!
    • Sometimes. Like when he’s making fun of me. I think it’s in a good way, though.
    • (Snort.) As if he’s never even looked at me, much less teased me.
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    Does he ever offer to hold your books for you or walk you to your locker?

    • Isn’t that what he’s supposed to do?
    • Not really. I mean, he helps me pick up my books if I drop them, but other than that, no.
    • Who does?
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    What happens whenever you walk by him and his friends in the hallways?

    • He immediately: 1) Hides behind one of his whispering friends, 2) Comes and talks to me, or 3) Starts blushing uncontrollably.
    • He looks down and sort of blushes, I guess. Or he just offers a smile and pretends not to notice me.
    • Nothing. If he steps on my foot accidentally, he either pretends he doesn’t notice or doesn’t notice at all.
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    If you’re at your locker by yourself before lunch and he suddenly walks by, he:

    • Stops by and starts talking to you and then walks you to the cafeteria/dining hall/cafe.
    • Says hi and is gone.
    • Does nothing. If I’m lucky, he’ll actually acknowledge my presence and nod to me.
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    It’s raining, you’re at a bus stop and he’s the only person with you: what does he do?

    • Starts talking to me immediately, offers you his jacket or umbrella and offers a ride home so you won’t have to stand outside in the rain forest.
    • Mumbles a hi and starts feigning interest in an Algebra question.
    • Calls his friend on his cell and asks for a ride with them so he won’t have to stand in the rain. Does nothing for you. I mean, why would he? He doesn’t even know my name.
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    There’s a school dance coming up. What does your crush do? And at the dance, what does he do?

    • Asks you to it immediately. The day of the dance, you’re the only person he’ll look at.
    • Does the same thing you do-goes to the dance with friends. He asks you to dance once.
    • Asks the most popular girl in the grade to go with him. At the dance, he doesn’t look at me once.
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    If your school dance is a girl-ask-guy thing and you ask him to go, what’s his response?

    • With a passionate: ‘OMG God, I was hoping you’d ask me! I’ll definitely go with you!’
    • With a polite: ‘Sure, if you’d like me to.’
    • With: ‘Who ARE you?’
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    You’re at a party and you know that your crush is there, what is his first step?

    • Comes to you immediately and asks if he can get you a drink.
    • Starts talking to his friends and smiles politely at you when he walks by you.
    • Starts showing off his six-pack immediately and doesn’t realize that you’re there.
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    How do you know your crush?

    • From School
    • We are nieghbors
    • From out of school club
    • From a party
    • Through your friend
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    Has he ever texted you on the weekend just to say ‘hey’?

    • Yes! I FREAKED out!!
    • Nope…:(
    • I always text him
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    On average, how many times a week to you text, if at all?

    • Never
    • once a week
    • twice a week
    • everyday!
    • every other day
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    When you try to make conversation with him, how does he react?

    • He listens and says ‘cool’ or ‘okay’ back
    • He listens while making eye contact and talks a LOT
    • He tries to ignore me
    • He smiles but says something weird
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    Have you ever made him laugh/ or he makes you laugh a lot?

    • Yes he can be very funny
    • No
    • He only would laugh at me if i fell or something
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    Which of the following have you ever done to him to get his attention?

    • Say hey to him as he is walking to class
    • Smack him on the butt;-0
    • wink @ him
    • nothing i’m soooo nervous to do anything flirty…cuz what if he doesn’t like me??
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    Do you have a mutual friend in this situation? (someone that is friends with you and him and an clue him in that you like him)

    • Yes! Their families are good friends so they are too
    • Yes but she likes me more than him
    • No all my friends hate them so i cant tell them!!
    • All my friends have a crush on him too!!
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    Do you think he likes you?

    • I am 99.9999% percent sure! I’d only be 100% if he’d ask me out already!!!!!!!!! ughhhhh
    • I never know. I catch him looking at me, then he won’t say hi when I walk by. But he still notices me…IDK!!
    • I don’t think so he is just so mean! ugh
    • Nope. He probably doesn’t even know who I am!
    • He’s already dating someone else!
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    This question is actually more important than you might think so really think about it. Do you truly like him? and I mean you like not just his looks but his personality?

    • He is just sooo hot!!
    • I really don’t know!
    • Yes. He is funny, adorable, and really polite! I like him so much!
    • Well I like him but I could also go out with another person if they asked me
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    Do you have common interests?

    • Umm I think he also had grilled cheese for lunch like me!
    • Yes we have the same favorite classes!
    • I don’t know I haven’t talked to him!
    • Yes! When I told him i play electric guitar he was like ‘whoa tht is so awesome blahblahblah’ 😀

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