Will he kiss you? (Girls only)



‘Get Out’

This movie has it all covered, be it suspense, thriller or horror. The story revolves around a black man who is headed to visit his white girlfriend’s terrifying upstate. A movie that reflects the true and horrific nature of the humans. It leaves us wondering with several questions, with the major one being “are humans always going to be this barbaric?”

‘The Butterfly Effect’

A movie starring Ashton Kutcher and where the protagonists has the ability to travel through time to back to his unpleasant memories and change the future from being traumatic. Sounds good right? What else does one need for a thriller? Well, one needs a protagonist because our’s in the process of making his future better ends up losing his mind.

‘The Girl on the Train’

This one takes the concept of an “unreliable narrator” to the absolute max thanks to the main character not being able to trust her own memory. Which tends to be a problem when people around you go missing and you wake up covered in blood….

“Start the Quiz”

  • Question of

    What does he call you?

    • Babe
    • Gorgeous
    • By my name.
    • By my surname.
    • By my nickname.
  • Question of

    During your conversation, where does he focuses or where have you noticed him focusing?

    • Eyes
    • Lips
    • Breasts
    • Just around
  • Question of

    How does he say bye?

    • Later babe or a hugs.
    • Talk to you later.
    • Just leaves. No special gesture.
    • *Flirts* ‘I hope you miss me’. Such kind of cheesy stuff.
  • Question of

    How much space is usually between you:

    • Barely any at all!
    • We practically touch each other.
    • He’s pretty close but not enough as I’d like him to be (descent).
  • Question of

    Does he share personal issues with you?

    • Yeah! All the time.
    • When we are all alone.
    • Sometimes/rarely.
    • That’s what friends do!
  • Question of

    When you see him unexpectedly, how does he greet you?

    • Wave/punch in arm.
    • Hug + a smile.
    • Ignores me.
    • Just a smile.
  • Question of

    Does he make contact with you in the halls?

    • On the hand.
    • On my butt.
    • On my back.
    • No/rarely.
  • Question of

    When you are alone with each other, is it by choice?

    • Yes!
    • Sometimes
    • Never alone.
    • Yes that’s what friends do!
  • Question of

    Does he talk to you?

    • Of course! Crushes, classes, he tells me everything.
    • Yeah! We love to talk about our weekends and stuff.
    • Sometimes. He talks a little more with his friends, though.
    • No. I’m not sure if he sees me.
    • Yeah. To make fun of me.
    • Only a little. He seems kinda shy.
  • Question of

    Do you suspect he talks about you to his friends?

    • Talk about ME? That would be a dream come true!
    • Yeah, they look at me and stuff
    • What friends? I’M his closest companion.
    • I think so. One time, I caught him glancing at me and he looked away immediately.
    • Maybe. I hope so!
    • I would think they were just brainstorming hurtful things about me if I didn’t have this idea that he likes me…
  • Question of

    Does he seem comfortable touching you? (Holding your hand,touching your cheek, etc.)?

    • He’s shoved me or wanted to shove me before
    • Maybe by accident
    • He almost did one or more times
    • Loud and proud, everyone knows we’re close!
    • Yeah, my heart beats whenever he does!
    • No.
  • Question of

    Which of the following feelings would you have if someone told you he had kissed another girl a few days ago?

    • Shocked that he hadn’t told you!
    • Shocked that he liked someone else!
    • Upset because you know he wanted to hurt you!
    • Unsurprised because she’s probably more popular!
    • Hurt because you really liked him!
    • None of the above
  • Question of

    What is your reason for liking him?

    • I just love his personality and I love to be around him
    • I HATE him but if he liked me then I would totally love him because that’s romantic!
    • There’s no one I’m closer to
    • He’s sweet and shy
    • I just…like him
    • He’s so popular/hot/athletic/smart/charming/rich/badboy-ish/romantic
  • Question of

    How do you like this quiz so far?

    • No better than any other quiz
    • It’s pretty good
    • I LOVE it
    • There’s room for improvement
    • HATE it
    • Dislike it
  • Question of

    Has he kissed you before?

    • A friendly kiss on cheek.
    • Yes, we made out a few times.
    • Well, it was almost about to but didn’t happen!
    • No!

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