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    To start off, how much do you care about money?

    • I need money to be happy. I need a well-paying job, even if I don’t like it
    • Money? Couldn’t care less.
    • Money is important, but I care more about family time
    • I love money, but I will only make as much as my passion allows me.
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    What field of work will you work in, preferably?

    • Law/Medical/Practice
    • Entrepreneurship/Small Business
    • Other
    • Fast Food/Retail
    • Something high up the ladder
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    Follow the dream or the money?

    • Dream
    • However much of my money my dream allows
    • However much of my dream my money allows
    • Money
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    Congrats! You just won $1 Million! (73.6 Million Rupee, ¥104 Million, £756K). What do you do with the money?

    • Save it / Invest in the stock market
    • Blow it on cars, mansions, gambling and drugs
    • Buy a nice house, car, and whatever else you can with it
    • I already have millions, so this does not apply to me
    • Invest it in my career
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    Now to Character Traits. Which statement best describes you?

    • Brilliant, Creative, Persuasive, Charismatic
    • Caring, Hardworking, Nurturing, Optimistic
    • Confident, Superior, Intelligent, Showy
    • Both Brilliant and Creative AND Caring and Hardworking
    • Lazy, Dependent, Moody, Incompetent
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    What type of leader are you?

    • Influential and Charismatic
    • Opinionated and Logical
    • I’m a lone wolf. I would never lead.
    • Empathetic and Open-Minded
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    Where was your mind when you were a kid (Generally ages 6-9, sometimes 10-12 also)

    • Troublemaking
    • Sensitive and Extroverted
    • I’m still a kid
    • Logic-Minded and Introverted
    • Popular and Selfish
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    Are you a risk taker?

    • I take calculated risks, yes
    • Every Risk
    • I’m careful
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    What degree did/are/will you take?

    • Perhaps a Master’s or Doctorate
    • Less than High School
    • Perhaps an Associate’s or a Bachelor’s
    • Just High School
    • Unsure
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    Do not press the Button Labeled “X”

    • Why Not?
    • X
    • Of Course. I never break rules
    • If that’s what you say..

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