Will your guy be gay? (For girls.)

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    First of all, what does the man of your dreams dress like?

    • T-shirt with shorts or jeans.
    • Skinny jeans with Converse and designer shirts, like me!
    • Baggy jeans, big t-shirt, basketball shoes.
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    What will he like to do?

    • Just talk. We’ll simply enjoy each others company.
    • Sex.
    • Shop!
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    What will his friends be like?

    • Just a bunch of friendly guys.
    • Hard-core guys who like drinking and stuff. Manly.
    • Girls, but I like the competition!
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    You see a guy in a tutu. What do you do?

    • Chase after him. You will do anything to have him!
    • Look at him strangely, then walk away and forget about it.
    • Beat him up.
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    What is your opinion on guys wearing skinny jeans?

    • It’s creepy and disgusting.
    • It’s HOT!
    • Maybe it’s a little weird, but whatever.
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    What’s your opinion on guys crying?

    • Yuck, seriously? Guys aren’t supposed to cry!
    • If it’s constant, then it’s annoying, but if it’s because of something horrible or something like that, it’s cute.
    • HOORAY!
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    You have made friends with a gay guy. Why?

    • Because we have a lot in common (such as we both love to shop) and we are destined to be together (despite his orientation!)!
    • Maybe just because he’s friendly. It won’t amount to anything, though.
    • Why would I do that?
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    If he would sing, what would he normally sing?

    • He wouldn’t BUT if he did, it would be rap.
    • Songs he wrote for me.
    • Stuff from Broadway or musicals.
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    What is your opinion on gay men?

    • Gross. They’re not natural.
    • AWESOME!
    • They’re okay. It doesn’t really matter to me.
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    What type of guy do YOU want?

    • Straight, but still emotional.
    • GAY!
    • Completely straight.
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    If you drag ur little cuddly bear poopoo to the mall, what is his reaction?

    • I wanna go to the beer store.
    • I wanna go to the bra store and buy me a purple lace bra.
    • Let’s get a pedicure.
    • Let’s go to the fun house.
    • Let’s ride the carousel.
    • Let’s get a facial!
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    If you two have time alone with no parents, what do you do?

    • Make out in the coat closet.
    • Rub his feet.
    • Drink beer and watch football while he lifts weights and paints your toes.
    • Gossip about all the hot men in your neighborhood!
    • Gossip about paris hilton’s new purse!
    • Relax 🙂
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    When you watch jepordy and the topic is fashion models, does ur little sweethear know all the answers?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Sometimes
    • Sure
    • Why the heck would he know that?
    • Of course! every REAL man should know how to speak Prada!
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    If you ask him if he wants to hold a burping contest, what does he say?

    • Ewwww!!!! grosss! burps are yucky!
    • Yeah baby!
    • Oooh seeing u burp is HAWT STUFF!
    • U look cute when u burp!
    • Im gonna kick ur butt!
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    When u ask ur hunny bear if he wants to go to a baseball game, what does he say?

    • Oooh sounds like fun!
    • Omg! seeing sexy men hit flying balls sounds exciting!
    • Ummm baseball’s just not my thing.
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    Finally, what does ur boyfriend say when you ask him if you’re (the girl) pretty?

    • Dangggg ur hot!
    • Ur SO sexy!
    • Ur ok
    • Idk… i just go out with u to cover up that i’m gay
    • Sure watever…

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