Will your relationship last?

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    Have you talked about the future?

    • Yes, a little
    • Yes, its all planned out together
    • None
    • Yes, some
    • Yes a few years in the future
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    Do you guys share secrets and communicate?

    • I told them this one embarrassing story
    • We tell each other everything
    • Some and they tell me some
    • No we keep our personal lives separate
    • We are very open
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    Do your friends like them?

    • Yes
    • Think they are ok.
    • Don’t hang out with them much at all.
    • They are great friends now!
    • Cannot stand them.
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    Do your parents approve?

    • Like them some
    • They are part of the family
    • Not really
    • Yes they do
    • Hates them
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    How often do you see each other?

    • We don’t see each other
    • Monthly
    • Weekly
    • Whenever we can
    • Every single day
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    Are you both happy?

    • Yes
    • Never been happier
    • Very
    • We are ok
    • No
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    First off, how long have y’all been together?

    • Just started dating
    • It’s our 2 month anniversary!
    • Awhile, like half a year.
    • A year now
    • Much longer than a year.
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    Do you miss them when your apart?

    • Yeah
    • Nope
    • Yes sooo much.
    • Not really just bored
    • A little
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    Do you tell them you love them?

    • As much as I can
    • Every once in a while
    • Never
    • Throughout the day
    • Daily
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    What do you do when you hang out?

    • We don’t hang out
    • We always go somewhere
    • We make out the whole time
    • Just movies and dinners
    • Sleep, eat, hangout, normal stuff

Are You The Right Couple?

How much longer do you and you boyfriend have together?