Would we be a good couple? For boys

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    Do you stand up to bullies?

    • Always, even if I don’t like the person being bullied.
    • Most of the time
    • Only if I like the person being bullied/not really
    • I’m the one doing the bullying
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    What do you do in your spare time?

    • Read
    • Relax
    • Beat people up
    • Watch TV, hang out with friends
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    How old are you? Be truthful!

    • 11-13
    • Under 11
    • Over 15
    • 14-15
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    Are you against same sex marriage?

    • I like same sex marriage, but I’m gay/lesbian
    • I’m not for or against it.
    • No! It is perfectly fine to be gay/lesbian, but I’m straight.
    • It’s wrong. Kill all gay people!
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    Confession time. Do you think you are mean?

    • I guess I’m normal.
    • No. Everybody tells me that I am very nice.
    • I don’t try to be, but I think I am.
    • If I wasn’t, I’d be mad.
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    What is your idea if a romantic date? For all you guts who think this is stupid and mushy, it’s a matchmaker test. Duh?

    • Dinner at a fancy restaurant.
    • A picnic on the beach, at sunset.
    • Dinner at my place, then leaving.
    • A movie. Of course, you buy the popcorn.
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    Do you value family, friends, or romantic partners more? Be honest, it might surprise you. Choose the one closest to your preference.

    • Romantic partners and friends.
    • Friends
    • All three, but mostly romantic partners.
    • Family
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    I know you hate this, but… What is your favorite color?

    • Black and red
    • Silver and gold
    • Blue and green
    • Any color will do.
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    Which if these interests you most?

    • Art
    • Violence
    • Television
    • Greek and Roman mythology.
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    Do you think you want to date me? The picture is a cartoon of me.

    • Yes
    • Probably, but I haven’t met you
    • No
    • I don’t know

Is your relationship good or bad?(lesbian version)

Are you a perfect couple?