Your perfect boyfriend is

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    What is the perfect date?

    • Going to the movies
    • Watching the sunset over the beach
    • A fancy restaurant
    • A concert to your favorite band
    • Taking you shopping
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    A guy looks sexiest in

    • A tux
    • A button down and a tie
    • Muscle t and black jeans
    • Casual jeans and t shirt
    • A hip t shirt with slacks
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    Which of these is most important to you?

    • Stability
    • Doing what you love
    • Money
    • Sex
    • Family
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    What’s more important to you in a relationship?

    • Fun
    • Honesty
    • Trust
    • Sexual Satisfaction
    • Fidelity
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    What talent is sexiest?

    • Lacrosse and Fixing cars
    • Football and racing
    • Singing and Hockey
    • Sexual moves
    • Dancing and Baseball
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    If someone’s picks a fight your dream boyfriend will

    • Kill him
    • Knock him out
    • Flirt with his girlfriend
    • Defend himself if he’s provoked
    • Kiss you, rub it in his face, and let it go
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    The thing your dream guy values most is

    • You
    • His credit card
    • His guitar
    • His favorite shirt
    • His diary
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    How do you describe yourself?

    • Talented and outgoing
    • Quiet and sensitive
    • Bad ass
    • Sexy and shallow
    • Passionate and sweet
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    He’s sometimes too proud to admit he’s

    • Hurt
    • Wrong
    • Caring
    • Vulnerable
    • Confused
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    Which of these features is most important?

    • Voice
    • Muscles
    • Face
    • Eyes
    • Hair
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    Who of the following is most likely to disapprove of your boyfriend?

    • Your sibling
    • Your best friend hates him
    • No, one he’s the sweetest guy there is
    • You’re whole world hates him
    • Your mom hates him
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    Which of these best describes your dream guy?

    • Sweet
    • Aggressive
    • Dangerous
    • Boring
    • Kind
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    Which of these would you NOT do?

    • Sky dive
    • Cliff diving
    • Have a threesome
    • Illegally race
    • I’d do anything for the guy I love
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    What is your best talent?

    • Racing
    • Singing
    • Taking care of others
    • Dancing
    • Sex
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    Which of these can you not stand in a man?

    • Not talented
    • Too mean/rude
    • He’s too emotional
    • Can’t say he loves you
    • Doesn’t pay enough attention to you

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