Your perfect guy

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    What is your ideal date?

    • Walking on the beach.
    • At their/your house
    • Bike ride then a picnic.
    • A dinner in a fancy restaurant.
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    What in a guy do you like most?

    • Looks.
    • Personality.
    • Smarts.
    • Humour.
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    What do you dislike in a guy?

    • Depressed.
    • Vain.
    • Rude.
    • Too cocky.
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    If you and your boyfriend were at a party what would you do?

    • ONLY hang out with him.
    • Hang out with him and your friends.
    • Ditch him.
    • Don’t talk to him.
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    How far would you go in a relationship?

    • Call each other silly names i.e. Pudding Poo
    • Hug
    • Make out 24/7
    • Hold hands and hug and kiss
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    What characteristics does your ideal mate have?

    • Rebellious, rugged, dangerous
    • Ambitious, intelligent, risk-taker.
    • Strong, dependable, kind.
    • Sensitive, romantic, passionate.
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    What gift would your perfect guy leave in your locker?

    • A diamond necklace.
    • The underwear I left in his car.
    • A single red rose.
    • A CD of songs that remind him of me.
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    How would your perfect guy kiss you?

    • Nice and softly…he would be careful not to mess up my lipstick.
    • He would kiss me under the lights of Paris…after he flew us there.
    • All tongue…all the time. Meow.
    • Sweetly, so that each kiss feels like the first one.
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    How would he ask you to marry him?

    • He would write a love song for me, and in the chorus ask me to marry him
    • He would get himself all dolled up, take me out to a fancy dinner, and propose over a romantic, low-fat dessert.
    • He would ask my father’s permission, and then get down on one knee in front of my family at Christmas.
    • He would burn the question in my yard.
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    What kind of car does your dream guy drive?

    • A Toyota Prius.
    • He doesn’t drive…but his chauffeur does.
    • A sporty two-seater.
    • He can pick me up in his pick-em up truck.

What is your cup of tea type of guy?

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