5 Awesome Riddles That Will Completely Trick You

Hey, how is it going for you guys! Hope so everything is going fine. So, today we have some tricky riddles which will mess with your mind yet are easy to solve if thought with enough logic! So below we have a set of five interesting riddles which can be solved by people of almost any age groups. Some are easy while others are tough, yet all are fun to solve!

The first riddle is a hard one! It’s just like that if you don’t get it in the first go then you would probably need  few more tries. It goes like this: What goes up but never comes back down? Can you guess this extremely bizarre thing that does not come down even once even after going up? If so, then guess your answers in the comments below.

The second riddle is a pretty funny one! I mean it’s sound easy and funny but is very tricky if you don’t get it. You will at-least need a few tries to get the hint! It goes like this: Which tyre of the car doesn’t move when a car turns right? I mean seriously, all tyres should move, isn’t it? Well, all you have to do is guess your answers in the comments below!

The third riddle is a poetic one. It’s pretty interesting as well as a tricky one and will surely mess with your mind. It goes like this: What is this thing that we try to beat but can’t and all tries goes in vain. Moreover, when that thing ends, it takes away with it all pain. Can you guess this bizarre thing? If so, then tell your answers in the comments below.

The fourth riddle is not at all an easy one. It goes like this: What is this thing that you can hold in your hand but it can fill the entire room? Can you guess this thing than can be so small that it can fit in your hand but has the potential to fill the entire room. So, if you know the answer, then guess it in the comments section below and let others know that you are a true riddle solver!

The last riddle goes like this that: What is the thing that can be cracked, can be played, can be told and can be made? If you can guess this tough riddles, then I would be super impressed as this is truly not that easy!


What goes up but never comes back down?

What is it?





Your Age.

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