5 Brainstorming Riddles That Will Completely Demolish Your Mind

Hey, how is it going for you guys! Hope so everything is going fine. So, today we have some tricky riddles which will mess with your mind yet are easy to solve if thought with enough logic! So below we have a set of five interesting riddles which can be solved by people of almost any age groups. Some are easy while others are tough, yet all are fun to solve!

The first riddle is an interesting one which is easy to solve but many of you will miss it at the first go. It goes like this: What is the thing that is the first on earth and the second on heaven. Also, it appears twice in a week and you can only see it once in a year. Can you name the thing? If so then let us know in the comment section below!

The second riddle is an interesting and hard at the same time. It is a math riddle which I am sure that is hard to solve for all of you. So it goes like this: Can you add up eight eights so that they add up to make a thousand? Yup, see, it’s not that easy! However, if anyone of you get the answer, please share it with others and let them know in the comments below.

The third riddle is all about a husband and a wife. They have a quarrel over an interesting topic which says that: A man named Nick called his wife and said that he would be home by 9 but he comes home by 9:05. However, the wife still gets angry at him even though they had no special plans. Why was she angry?

The fourth riddle is kinda a poem one. It’s super interesting and even a bit tricky which will assuredly mess with your mind. So, it goes like this: What is the thing which has keys but no locks and rooms. Also, you can enter here but can never exit. So, can you identify the thing? If so, then guess your answers in the comments below.

The last riddle is kinda an easy one if you go through it pretty carefully. It goes like this: Penny has five children. The first one was named January, the second one February, the third one March and the fourth one April. What is the name of the fifth child. Can you guess it? Well, I did mention the answer here too. If you guessed it, then, I must say you are super attentive!


I am the first on earth and the second in heaven.

I appear twice in a week and you can only see me once in a year.

What am I?





The letter E.

5 Awesome Riddles Which Will Mess With Your Mind

5 Awesome Riddles That Will Completely Trick You