Riddles That Will Mess With Your Mind

Hey, how is it going for you guys! Hope so everything is going fine. So, today we have some tricky riddles which will mess with your mind yet are easy to solve if thought with enough logic! So below we have a set of five interesting riddles which can be solved by people of almost any age groups. Some are easy while others are tough, yet all are fun to solve!

So, the first riddle is a pretty interesting word riddle which goes like this: A word I know which contains six letters and if you subtract just one letter from the word, twelve is what remains. So, can you guess the word? If yes, then write your guesses in the comments down below!

The second riddle is a bit easy yet tricky one. If you go through it twice, then most probably everyone would solve it. It goes like this: If a rooster laid a white and a brown egg, then which color chicks would hatch from the eggs? Yes, the answer is quite simple and is hidden in the riddle itself! So, happy guessing.

The third riddle can probably trick anyone quite easily at the first go. It goes like this: If 5 cats catch 5 mice in 5 minutes then how long would it take for a cat to catch a mice? Again it’s not at all related to math if you are thinking so. It’s just a common sense question which can reveal that how well do you think in general!

The fourth riddle is a poetic riddle or a mystery riddle (whatever you call it). It’s tricky too an dis a bit difficult to solve as well. It goes like this: There are two brothers on the opposite sides of the road and who have never seen each other. Can you guess who these brothers are? If you can, then let us know in the comments below!

The last riddle is the toughest of the the lot. It goes like this: I am where yesterday follows today and tomorrow is in the middle, what am I? Yes, it’s a bit hard and not everyone would be able to solve it with ease, but you can try! Best of luck.


A word I know six letters it contains. Subtract just one and twelve is what remains.

What is the word?






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5 Awesome Riddles Which Will Mess With Your Mind