Tricky Riddles

Hey, how is it going for you guys! Hope so everything is going fine. So, today we have some tricky riddles which will mess with your mind yet are easy to solve if thought with enough logic! So below we have a set of five interesting riddles which can be solved by people of almost any age groups. Some are easy while others are tough, yet all are fun to solve!

So, the first riddle is all about a father and his son. Both get involved in a car accident and unfortunately, the father dies. Next, the son is taken to the nearest hospital where a doctor comes to check him. The doctor tells that its impossible to treat the child. The doctor said that “He is my boy”! Now the riddle is for you to find out that who was the doctor actually?

The second riddle is all about Jimmy’s mother having three children. She named the first Monday and the second one Tuesday. Now can you find out the name of the third child?

The third riddle is like a sort of poetic riddles. It’s hard I must say, but if you read it multiple times, I’m pretty sure that you could crack it. It goes as: By moon or by sun, I shall be found, Yet I am undone, if there’s no light around. So, read it multiple times and comment the answer of this tricky what am i riddle.

The fourth riddle is a word riddle and its comparatively and easier to solve. It goes like this: I start with an E, end with an E, and have a letter in me. So can you guess the word which contains a letter in it? Keep guessing until you find the answer!

And, the last riddle is too a mysterious question whose answer could be found in the question itself. It goes like this: I don’t have eyes, but once I did see. Once I had thoughts, but now I’m white and empty. So, which thing doesn’t have an eye but still saw things once. Moreover, it had thoughts once too, but now is white and void of any thoughts? Guess the answer and let us know in the comments below.


A father and son were in a car accident.

The father dies and the son is taken to the nearest hospital.

In the operating room, a doctor came in and looked at the little boy and said: ”I can’t operate on him he is my son”.

Who is the doctor?





The boy’s mother.

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