5 Annoying Habits of Boyfriends

Here are the routines women hate the most.

Boys, this article is especially for you …… We’re not saying girls don’t have annoying routines, we’re just saying boys have a lot more! When you’re in a relationship, you shouldn’t be behaving without shame. The following list will tell you which routines women find most annoying, and you guys absolutely must avoid them … right now!


Be tidy Whether it’s leaving the bathroom messy after using it or forgetting dirty plates in the kitchen, neglecting to do laundry or leaving items lying around the house, men tend to leave a mark behind them wherever they go. Boys, this must stop! We’re not saying girls are better. In fact, they too can be very messy, but you boys try to tidy up after yourself. You will score points by keeping a cleaner apartment.


Put away what should not be seenDon’t worry if everything in your intimate life is tidy! So stop checking your things every five minutes, especially if everything that is a part of your private life is out of sight. Women sometimes act the same way too. They do so without being seen. This is what you should do too.


Burps and fartsAh! The pleasure of being in a relationship! It’s for you guys again. Sometimes we have to relieve ourselves of these gauzes that annoy us, but please don’t do it in front of us! Unless you have no choice! Go to the bathroom or the balcony instead! When it comes to burping, watch yourself! We understand that the meal was delicious, but there are other ways to compliment ourselves without having to express yourself that way. Keep burping to a minimum, be discreet, and most importantly, don’t mess with it.


Selective listeningWhat is selective listening? We love you boys, but it seems women only get your attention when certain topics such as alcohol, food, sex, or sports are brought up. Yes, women have a strong desire to talk about their feelings, but you know what? Sometimes it pays to be a good listener. Kindly tell your girlfriend that she talks a little too much, but also be patient with her. Find a happy medium. Above all else, be a caring boyfriend.


Notice the little detailsPay more attention to the women in your life. If you comment on small details like, say, a new hairstyle or a new dress, or how her work affects her, you will get a lot of points for it. Add to that a heartfelt compliment every now and then and you will soon be the perfect boyfriend!


The wandering eye We know that it is in your nature to look at women. We’re also mesmerized by the girl in tight jeans in front of us in a store, however, you don’t see us staring at her behind for ten minutes straight. A simple glance is sometimes sufficient. Don’t look insistently at every woman who walks by!


In case some of you need to explain yourself to your girlfriends, here’s how to make it up to you. A gift from your hand will prove to be the perfect gesture that will show the woman in your life that you love her. Besides, there is nothing sexier than a man who knows how to do things.

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