How to be successful at your first meeting?

Here is the situation: you are preparing for your first meeting with a partner you met online. You have an idea of ​​what to do during this meeting or you are completely panicked by your lack of ideas, the Se-Voir team is here to help you.


A successful first meeting should allow you to have a conversation with your partner that would not force you, under pressure, to talk all the time. While you can always choose the traditional dinner followed by a movie, here are several suggestions. These should guarantee you fun and enjoyable encounters.

Bowling Whether you are a pro at bowling or have never done it before, this idea is interesting for a number of reasons. This is a situation where the pressure is low; you and your partner will be both relaxed and at ease, which is very important when it comes to a first meeting.

Put on your bowling shoes and have fun!


BrunchAn alternative to dinner? Brunch is perfect for you! A meeting during a brunch is more relaxed than a meeting organized around a dinner. With brunch, you get the benefits of a scheduled dinner date, but in a nicer and more relaxed atmosphere. Also, brunch can last as long as you want or you can shorten it, leaving you the rest of the day to plan other activities.


Attend a showWhether it’s your favorite band, a play or even a comedy, a live performance, this is another of our suggestions for a successful meeting. Make sure that you know enough about your partner’s tastes before choosing this option. If your partner does not like techno – music, perhaps other entertainment should be chosen. In addition, preferably plan your activity in such a way that it gives you the opportunity to chat while enjoying the show.


Aquarium / Zoo We know it may sound a bit young, but aquariums / zoos are great places to meet. You will always be able to discuss. In addition, this choice can be entertaining if you fear complicated moments.


The picnicA picnic ? What a great idea! You just have to choose a nice place, bring food and enjoy your partner. A picnic is for both romantics and lovers. This is a perfect option for those who love nature.


A Cooking Class This idea has become extremely popular in recent years. It promotes conversation and allows partners to get to know each other better. When your class is over, then you can have a great meal together! Make sure you know your partner’s culinary preferences.


KartingFor adventurers who are young at heart, karting is the perfect option! Can you imagine anything more fun than racing around a track in a small car!

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