How to live life while you are single

There are many reasons to make the most of your celibacy while on vacation.


It seems that singles have great fears about this. We’re not talking about the fear of spiders, burglaries, or your internet connection malfunctioning, we’re talking about being single while on vacation. Whether it’s Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, or a birthday party, people don’t want to be alone. According to a study by, 48% of singles said their main concern was not having a partner while on vacation.


We understand that it’s always best to have company in good times and bad. But why not make the most of your single status while on vacation? Be enterprising! Consider a few projects! The Se-Voir team presents you with a list of reasons why it is sometimes nice to be alone during the holidays!

Don’t be haunted by the idea of ​​finding the perfect gift for a prospective partner How much money should you spend on the other? What if you’ve only been together for a short time? What if you have been together for a very long time? What if you are unsure of which gift to choose? These are some of the questions that torment us when it comes to finding a gift for Christmas or Valentine’s Day.


Always have an emergency exit handy for that awkward moment when you see a fake smile on your partner’s face; equivocal smile when he discovers the gift you have given him; this beautiful gift that you think he should have loved. It’s even worse when you buy Christmas presents for his family … oh, the dread of finding the perfect gift. This year, spend that money on yourself. You know exactly what you want!


You don’t have to pretend to like the gift your partner is giving youSometimes your partner remembers something obscure. A billion years ago, you told him what you wanted, and finally you get this gift. You don’t know what’s worse that he / she is so passionate about giving it to you, or the fact that you now have to fake a smile worthy of a movie star in order not to not hurt his feelings. If you are single you will not have this problem!


Spending the night together in the parents’ house is not easyWhether you are visiting at Easter, for a birthday or at Christmas, staying with your partner’s family during the holidays can be complicated. You can never really relax because there will always be one or more family members around you; you will feel obligated to talk or do something with them. Also, if their / your parents are particularly strict, you will not be allowed to sleep in the same room as your boyfriend / girlfriend. But, even if you don’t share a room together, stick to the golden rule: keep your hands to yourself! Who knows how their parent (s) might react if they suddenly break into your room and catch you in the act. And the walls might not be as thick as you think.


Should we spend more time with family? In a relationship, you sometimes have to alternate visiting your family with your partner. A solution that might be difficult to consider if you can’t wait to see your family. A family can be boring at times, but it’s always your family. So, enjoy these discussions that sometimes seem irrelevant to you, forget the incessant remarks of your parents so that you find a partner, and keep only the best memories. Who knows how your future partner’s family will be.


Spend more time with old friendsSometimes you can only see your childhood friends when parents visit. If you try to introduce your partner to your friends by forcing them into it, it might not go well. IF your partner doesn’t feel comfortable sitting among your friends he / she doesn’t know, you won’t be able to have fun or relive old memories with them.


Don’t get overwhelmed by the idea of ​​perfectionOn Valentine’s Day in particular, people feel a huge urge to do something unique and perfect, which can be overwhelming. Boasting too much that you will have the most romantic experience there is can lead to disappointment. Sometimes you will either not be able to find the perfect dress or makeup or you will have a romantic dinner with candles and roses but it will be a failure because the dress was not suitable for the occasion, the shoes lacked comfort, (ladies you know that extra 10cm is not good for you!) or the restaurant will be so crowded that you won’t even be able to speak with your partner. On some days, especially on vacation, people just want to relax, sit around doing nothing, wearing a simple, comfortable tracksuit, watching television while having a bite to eat. Cherish these unique moments while you can!

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