The wealthiest ‘Real Housewives’ star may surprise you

As you might know most of the women on the ‘The Real Housewives’ aren’t technically housewives. It is in fact the opposite. They are highly successful in their careers and some are having their own companies. Whatever it may be, viewers have enjoyed their drama and their wealth show off. We’ve made an awesome list for you with the estimated net worths of the series wealthiest stars. One thing which I would like to mention is that you should take these net worths with a grain of salt since it may vary from one website to another. It happens due to several different reasons like market fluctuations and other such factors. So without further ado let’s get started:

10. Tinsley Randolph Mercer

Estimated net worth: $35 million, says Celebrity Net Worth
Appeared in: The Real Housewives of New York City

She is originally from Virginia and spent almost her entire childhood in Richmond. She moved to New York City with her now ex-husband Topper Mortimer. She first worked at Vogue and then she moved into public relations. It is said that her charming nature, blonde hair, and entrepreneurial mindset helped her in moving to New York City. She pursued her ventures in fashion and TV appearances. She was first on Gossip Girl in 2010.

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