We’re Still Cringing About The Most Awkward Oscar Moments Of All Time

Whether you watch it for love of movies, stars, or all the pageantry, one of the best parts of the Oscars is undoubtedly watching for all the surprise twists and turns — and we’re not just talking about who is announced as the winner. The Academy Awards are full of awkward moments and we have compiled for you a list of the Top 10 Awkward moments of The Academy Awards.

10. 2010: When A Winner Couldn’t Get A Single Word In

As you might know, The Short Film genre doesn’t receive that much attention but this moment from the 2010 Oscar ceremony helped in lifting it’s attention a bit. When the ‘Music by Prudence’ Team was announced as Documentary Short Subject Winners, director Roger Williams took on the mic to thank and explain about his experience shooting the film. Elinor Burkett – the film’s producer interrupted him saying “Just like a man, never lets a woman talk. Isn’t that just the classic thing?”. Wait, What?

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