Why do married men cheat on their wives?

Why does it seem like so many married men cheat on their wives even though they seem happy? Not all guys cheat. Also, let’s not forget that women cheat all the time too. But sometimes it looks like men sport.


Men in long term relationships tend to feel less attractive to the opposite sex. Women stop taking an interest in his partner hobbies. Some men may find the routine of a married life to be tedious and dull. These men find it easier to shift dominance or primacy to another relationship and feel the spark outside to be a thrilling option.


Some Statistics: 48% of men rated emotional dissatisfaction as the primary reason they cheated. 66% of cheating men report feeling guilt during the affair. 77% of cheating men have a good friend who cheated (source: this article).


The Sex Life After Marriage Died: Men who married young, or had limited sex experience before settling down, may cheat to see what they might have missed. He has friends who do it too. Some men think that the more women they have sex with, the more manly they are. They think cheating is a macho thing to do. Proving manhood? Yeah, the reason.




He Thinks He Was Cheated First: Whether you actually have or he just suspects you to, he will feel hurt and upset and most of the time he will want revenge, whether it’s in the form of a barmaid or his ex-girlfriend. Other options are always available. If his father, uncles, or other male role models cheated, he may be subconsciously programmed to follow their example, considering infidelity to be the norm – especially if the female role models in his life tolerated the infidelity.


In truth, men have affairs not for physical reasons but emotional ones. They cheat not out of a sense of confidence but out of a state of brokenness. Not out of a sense of how desirable they are but out of a sense of what failures they must be… The influence of drugs or alcohol. It is sad, but no all men were “constructed” for family life. Men are good at compartmentalizing feelings. For them, it is very easy to find escort agency.


Arguing Every Day: Men want a partner who will listen, who will volunteer information about their own lives and discoveries and someone who smiles and excitedly shares their hopes and dreams. If this is at all surprising it may be from the fact that men don’t generally know how to communicate this. Cheating men think it to be “divorce”. Some men are willfully adulterous and use it as a means for acquiring divorce.

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